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Comparative transcriptome analysis of axillary buds in response to the shoot branching regulators gibberellin A3 and 6-benzyladenine in Jatropha curcas

First Author: Ni J; Zhao ML

Cytokinin (CK) is the primary hormone that positively regulates axillary bud outgrowth. However, in many woody plants, such as Jatropha curcas, gibberellin (GA) also promotes shoot branching. The molecular mechanisms underlying GA and CK interaction in the regulation of bud outgrowth in Jatropha remain unclear. To determine how young axillary buds respond to GA3 and 6-benzyladenine (BA), we performed a comparative transcriptome analysis of the young axillary buds of Jatropha seedlings treated with GA3 or BA. Two hundred and fifty genes were identified to be co-regulated in response to GA3 or BA. Seven NAC family members were down-regulated after treatment with both GA3 and BA, whereas these genes were up-regulated after treatment with the shoot branching inhibitor strigolactone. The expressions of the cell cycle genes CDC6, CDC45 and GRF5 were up-regulated after treatment with both GA3 and BA, suggesting they may promote bud outgrowth via regulation of the cell cycle machinery. In the axillary buds, BA significantly increased the expression of GA biosynthesis genes JcGA20oxs and JcGA3ox1, and down-regulated the expression of GA degradation genes JcGA2oxs. Overall, the comprehensive transcriptome data set provides novel insight into the responses of young axillary buds to GA and CK.

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PubYear: Sep 2017
Volume: 7
Publication Name: Scientific Reports
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