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Reinwardtia glandulifera (Linaceae), a new species from Kachin State, northern Myanmar

First Author: Yang B
Abstract: Reinwardtia Dumortier (1822: 19) (Linaceae) with one species Reinwardtia indica Dumortier (1822: 19) is mainly distributed in northern India, China and Southeast Asia (Dressler et al. 2014). The genus belongs to subfamily Linoideae, tribe Eulineae (Winkler 1931, Dressler et al. 2014). Reinwardtia indica is heterostylous, and dimorphic pollen and stigmas are reported (Bahadur et al. 1996, Sugawara et al. 2002). Historically, two Reinwardtia species, R. tetragyna Planchon (1848: 523) and R. trigyna (Roxburgh, 1799:357) Planchon (1848: 522) have been recorded in Myanmar (Kress et al. 2003), but R. trigyna has been treated as a synonym of R. indica (Grierson & Long 1987, The Plant List 2013, Dressler et al. 2014).
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PubYear: Aug 2017
Volume: 316
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