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Title: Low cost carbon fiber aerogel derived from bamboo for the adsorption of oils and organic solvents with excellent performances
First author: Sudong Yang
Abstract: This paper reports the preparation of multi-functional carbon fiber (MCF) aerogel by a simple hydrothermal and carbonization process using disposable bamboo chopsticks. The developed material manifested dramatic multi-functionalities, including excellent flexibility under the mechanical compression, efficient capability to separate oily droplets from water, and high adsorption capacity for a variety of oils and organic solvents by up to 129 times of its own weight. Moreover, the MCF aerogel can be recycled for many times by distillation, combustion or squeezing, making the material satisfy the requirements for oil–water separation in practice. Coupled with economical, environmentally benign manufacturing process, sustainability of precursor and versatility of material, the MCF aerogel developed in this study will be a promising candidate to address the problems arising from the spills of oily compounds.
Contact the author: Peng-Cheng Ma
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PubYear: 2015
Unit code: 1a1365
Publication name: RSC Advances
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