Title: Priciple Investigator E-mail: df@wh.iov.cn


In 1998, she was graduated from the East China University of Science and Technology, and entered WIV, CAS for getting the master degree. In July 2003, she received the PhD in Institute of Hydrobiology, CAS. During this period, she went to Great Lakes Forestry Center, Canada in 2001 and Wageningen University for jointly studying the functional genome of baculovirus.

Research Interests

Now she focuses on the studies in development of new biotechnology and original products based on baculovirus and its expression system, and the development of virus-mediated cell therapy technology. Specifically, her research interests include the research on the molecular mechanism of baculovirus infection, the optimization and improvement of baculovirus-insect cell expression system, the research and development of genetically engineered antibodies, the efficient expression of exogenous protein, and new antiviral drugs research and screening. 


She has published more than 40 papers, including 28 SCI papers.