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Recent papers

Xu LX, Cao Y, Li W, Cheng Y, Qi TC, Zhou YC*, Liu F*. . Maintain spatial heterogeneity, maintain biodiversity - a seed bank study in a grazed alpine fen meadow. . Land Degradation & Development . 2017   28 : 1376-1385.

Jiang, H.S., Yin, L.Y., Ren, N.N., Zhao, S.T., Li, Z., Zhi, Y., Shao, H., Li, W., Gontero, B.. . Silver nanoparticles induced reactive oxygen species via photosynthetic energy transport imbalance in an aquatic plant. . Nanotoxicology . 2017   11 : 157-167.

Yadong Zhou, Bing Liu, Yuvenlis Mbuni, Xue Yan, Geoffrey Mwachala, Guangwan Hu*, Qingfeng Wang*. . Vascular flora of Kenya, based on the Flora of Tropical East Africa . Phytokeys . 2017   90 : 113-126

Jiang, H.S., Yin, L., Ren, N.N., Xian, L., Zhao, S., Li, W., Gontero, B.. . The effect of chronic silver nanoparticles on aquatic system in microcosms. . Environmental Pollution . 2017   223 : 395-402

Olsen, S.*, Cao, Y*., Florencia Gutierrez, M., Brucet, S., Landkildehus, F., Lauridsen, T.L., Davidson, T.A., S?ndergaard, M., Jeppesen, E., Risgaard‐Petersen, N.. . Effect of a nitrogen pulse on ecosystem N processing at different temperatures: A mesocosm experiment with 15NO3? addition. . Freshwater Biology . 2017   62 : 1232–1243

Cao, Y*., Olsen, S., Gutierrez, M.F., Brucet, S., Davidson, T.A., Li, W., Lauridsen, T.L., S?ndergaard, M., Jeppesen, E.. . Temperature effects on periphyton, epiphyton and epipelon under a nitrogen pulse in low-nutrient experimental freshwater lakes. . Hydrobiologia . 2017   795 : 267-279

Li linmao, Liu xiulin, Li rongjun* . The Arabidopsis endoplasmic reticulum associated degradation pathways are involved in the regulation of heat stress response. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications . . 2017   487 : 362-367

Yang xianpeng, Zhao Huayan, Kosma Dylan K., Tomasi Pernell, Dyer John M., Li Rongjun, Liu Xiulin, Wang Zhouya, Parsons Eugene P., Jenks Matthew A., Lü Shiyou. . The acyl desaturase CER17 is involved in producing wax unsaturated primary alcohols and cutin monomers. . Plant Physiology . 2017   173 : 1109-1124

Gan Qiliang, Li Xinwei* . A New Species of Delphinium (Ranunculaceae) from Hubei, China. . Novon . 2017   25 : 430–432

Yanxia Sun, Michael J. Moore, Nan Lin, Kole F. Adelalu, Aiping Meng, Shuguang Jian, Linsen Yang, Jianqiang Li*, Hengchang Wang*. . Complete plastomes sequencing of both living species of Circaeasteraceae (Ranunculales) reveals unusual rearrangements and loss of the ndh gene family. . BMC Genomics . 2017   18 : 592