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Biao Jiang
Highest Education  
  345 Lingling Road, Shanghai
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Education and Appointments:
Day of Birth: Nov. 12, 1962,Place of Birth: Fujian, China Sept. 1979 to July, 1983 Department of Chemistry, Lanzhou University. Received B. Sc in July,1983 Sept. 1983 to July, 1986 Department of Chemistry, Lanzhou University. Received M.Sc in July1986 Sept.1986 to Aug. 1988 Department of Chemistry, Lanzhou University and Lab. of Natural Product and Synthesis, Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry. Received Ph. D. in July Agust,1988 Jan.1995 to now Professor, Director (2001 to now), Deputy director (1997 to 2001), Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, CAS http: www.sioc.ac.cn Co-Chair, Chemical Technology Option Committee, United Nation Environmental Program (2006-) Member, Technology and Economic Assessment Panel, United Nation Environmental Program (2006-)y Founder and Chairman of Board Director (2001 to Now): Shanghai International Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. http. www.wzpharm.com.cn Founder and Chairman of Board Director (2000 to 2004): Shanghai Synica Co. Ltd. http: www.synica.com.cn Guest Professor: Lanzhou University,Zhejiang University,Tongji University Jan.1992 to Dec. 1994 Visiting Scientist, Division of Medicinal Chemistry (two year) and Division Process Research and Development (one year). Oct.1990 to Jan.1992 Associate Professor. Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, CAS Aug. 1988 to Jan.1992 Post doctor, Department of organometallic Chemistry Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, CAS. Supervisor: Prof. Yuanyao,Xu

Research Interest:
Research centered at developing new methodology towards organic synthesis, total synthesis of natural products and organofluorine chemistry. Have being publish about 100 papers and applied 30 patents.
Public Services:

Outstanding Ph. D. of Gansu Province (1991) Youth Scientist Award of Chinese Academy of Science (1992) Shanghai Top Ten Youth Star of Science and Technology (1996) China Creative Award of Science and Technology (1996) Outstanding Scholar of Hongkong Ca’s Foundation(1996) Shanghai Top Ten Outstanging Youth (1997) Second Award of CAS Natural Sciences(1997) Chinese Technology Transformation Award for Outstanding Youth (2000) Shanghai Xu GuangQi Award of Sciences and Technology (2001) First Price Award of shanghai Advancement of Sciences and Technology(2003) Outstanding Post-Doctor in China (2005) Eli Lilly Research Excellence Award in China (ELSEA) (2006)
Selected Publication:
1.Highly Enantioselective Construction of A Chiral Tertiary Carbon Center via Alkynylation of Cyclic N-Acyl Ketemine: An Efficient Preparation of HIV Therapeutics Biao Jiang and Yu-Gui Si Angew. Chem., Int. Ed. Engl. 200443, 216-218.

2.Highly Enantioselective Construction of Fused Pyrrolidine Systems That Contain a Quaternary Stereocenter: Concise Formal Synthesis of (+)-Conessine Biao Jiang, Min Xu, Angew. Chem., Int. Ed. Engl. 2004, 43, 2543-2546.

3.The First Highly Enantioselective Alkynylation of Chloral: A Practical and Efficient Pathway to Chiral Trichloromethyl Propargyl Alcohols Biao Jiang, Yu-Gui Si Adv. Synth. Catal. 2004, 346, 669-674.

4.A Simple and Efficient Resolution of (±)-4,12-dihydroxy[2.2]paracyclophane Biao Jiang and Xiao-Long Zhao Tetrahedron: Asymmetry 2004, 15, 1141-1143.

5.Preparation and Properties of New Soluble p-Conjugated Polymers Containing a Fumaronitrile Unit in the Main Chain Qiang Fang, Biao Jiang, Bing Xu, Wanjun Wang, Feng Yu, Xiaqin Wu Macromol. Rad Commun. 2004, 25, 1429-1432.

6.Synthesis and Properties of Highly Photoluminescent and Electrochemically Active Polymers Containing 2-Pyrazoline Units in the Main Chain Qiang Fang, Biao Jiang, Bing Xu, Amin Cao Macromol. Rapid Commun. 2004, 25, 1856-1859.

7.Progress in Studies of Novel Marine Bis(indole)Alkaloids  Cai-Guang Yang, Hao Huang, Biao Jiang Current Organic Chemistry 2004, 8(17), 1691-1720

8.N’-(Benzenesulfonyl)-4-methylthiazole-5-carbohydrazide  Q.B. Song, Z. M. Jin, H. B. Wang and B. Jiang Acta Crystallographica Section E. Structure Reports Online 2004, 60(8), o1292-o1293.

9.Synthesis of 1,4:3,6-dianhydro-d-mannitol 2,5-(hydrogen-phosphate) and its usage in palladium-catalyzed hydroxy-carbonylation of styrene, Biao Jiang*, Zuo-Gang Huang, and Ke-Jun Cheng HETEROCYCLES,  2004, 63(12), 2797–2803

10.末端炔烃对碳氧和碳氮双键的加成反应 司玉贵, 黄浩,姜标 有机化学, 2004, 24(11) 1389-1395

11.碳酸铅纳米粉体的制备与表征    李青,姜标    化工新型材料,2004,32,29-30.

12.绿色过氧化氢双组元自燃推进剂    王万军,唐松青    化学推进剂与高分子材料,2004,2(5),30-34.

13.8-羟基喹啉铜纳米粉体的制备与表征    李青,姜标,唐松青 中国粉体技术,2004,10(6),10-12.

14.A convenient stereoselective synthesis of trifluoromethyl-substituted polyfunctionalized cyclopropane: synthesis of (±) trans-trifluoronorcoronamic acid. Biao Jiang, Fangjiang Zhang and Wennan Xiong Chem. Commun. 2003, 536-537.

15.Enantioselective Total Syntheses of Slagenins A-C and Their Antipodes. Biao Jiang, Jia-Feng Liu, and Sheng-Yin Zhao J. Org. Chem. 2003, 68, 2376-2384.

16.Lewis acid promoted alkynylation of imi8nes with terminal alkynes: simple, mild and dfficient preparation of propargylic amines. Biao Jiang and Yu-Gui Si Tetrahedron Letters. 2003, 44, 6767-6768.

17.Solution-Phase Synthesis of a Thiazoyl-Substituted Indolyl library via Suzuki Cross-Coupling Ning Zou, Jia-Feng Liu, and Biao Jiang J. Comb. Chem. 2003, 5, 754-755.

Supported Projects: