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Amin Cao
Highest Education  
  345 Lingling Road, Shanghai
Zip Code  

Education and Appointments:
(1)1988.9-1992.7 Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Zhejiang University, Bachelor of Materials Science (2)1992.9-1995.3 College of Chemical Engineering and Materials, Beijing Institute of Technology, Master of Polymer Materials (3)1995.4-1995.9 Jiangsu Institute of Chemical Industry, Nangjing, Associate Engineer (4)1995.10-1998.9 Faculty of Life Science and Biotechnology, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Doctor of Biotechnology (5)1998.10-2001.3 National Advanced Institute of Industrial Science and Technology of Japan (AIST), Research Fellow (6)2001.4- Laboratory for Polymer Materials, Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Research Professor

Research Interest:
Biofunctional Materials Liquid Crystal Polymers Chemical physics of Block Copolymers Water-born Organic Coatings Biodegradable Polymers and Fibers
Public Services:

Selected Publication:
(1) Y. Li, Q. Li, F. Li, H. Zhang, L. Jia, J. Yu, Q. Fang, A. Cao*, Biomacromolecules, 2006, 7, 224-231 (Quater Most-accessed)

(2) Q. Li, F. Li, L. Jia, Y. Li, Y. Liu, J. Yu, Q. Fang, A. Cao*, Biomacromolecules,2006, 7, 2377-2387

(3) Y. Li, L. Cui, Q. Li, L. Jia, Y. Xu, Q. Fang, A. Cao*, Biomacromolecules 2007, 8, 1409-1416(Quater Most-accessed)

(4) R. Piñol, L. Jia, F. Gubellini, D. Lévy, P. Albouy, P. Keller, A. Cao* and M. Li* Macromolecules, 2007, 40,5625-5627(Quater Most-accessed)

(5) T. Dong, W. Kai, P. Pan, A. Cao, Y. Inoue*, Macromolecules 2007, 40,7244-7251

(6) P. Pan, Z. Liang,A. Cao, Y. Inoue*, Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2009, 1, 402-411

(7) X. Hou, Q. Li, L. Jia, Y. Li, Y. Zhu and A. Cao*, Macromolecular Bioscience, 2009, 9,551-562

(8) L. Jia, A. Cao, D. Lévy, B. Xu, P. Albouy, X. Xing, M. J. Bowick, M.-H. Li*, Soft Matter, 2009, accepted

Supported Projects: