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Weak localization in few-layer graphene grown on copper foils by chemical vapor deposition Wang, WR; Chen, L; Wang, Z; Wang, YC; Li, T; Wang, YL CARBON 2012 50 14 
Synthesis of large-area graphene on molybdenum foils by chemical vapor deposition Wu, YW; Yu, GH; Wang, HM; Wang, B; Chen, ZY; Zhang, YH; Wang, B; Shi, XP; Xie, XM; Jin, Z; Liu, XY CARBON 2012 50 14 
Nano-scale gap filling and mechanism of deposit-etch-deposit process for phase-change material Ren, WC; Liu, B; Song, ZT; Xiang, YH; Wang, ZT; Zhang, BC; Feng, SL CHINESE PHYSICS B 2012 21 11 
An effective TDLS setup using homemade driving modules for evaluation of pulsed QCL Zhang, YG; Gu, Y; Li, YY; Li, AZ; Li, C; Cao, YY; Zhou, L APPLIED PHYSICS B-LASERS AND OPTICS 2012 109 3 
Wheatstone bridge piezoresistive sensing for bulk-mode micromechanical resonator Wu, GQ; Xu, DH; Xiong, B; Wang, YL APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 2012 101 19 
A re-formulation of the transfer matrix method for calculating wave-functions in higher dimensional disordered open systems Chen, L; Lv, C; Jiang, XY COMPUTER PHYSICS COMMUNICATIONS 2012 183 12 
Nonlatching Superconducting Nanowire Single-Photon Detection with Quasi-Constant-Voltage Bias Liu, DK; Chen, SJ; You, LX; Wang, YL; Miki, S; Wang, Z; Xie, XM; Jiang, MH APPLIED PHYSICS EXPRESS 2012 5 12 
CF4 plasma surface modification of asymmetric hydrophilic polyethersulfone membranes for direct contact membrane distillation Wei, X; Zhao, BL; Li, XM; Wang, ZW; He, BQ; He, T; Jiang, B JOURNAL OF MEMBRANE SCIENCE 2012 407  
TDBC SOI technology to suppress floating body effect in PD SOI p-MOSFETs Luo, JX; Chen, J; Wu, QQ; Chai, Z; Yu, T; Wang, X ELECTRONICS LETTERS 2012 48 11 
Thermocapillary Actuation of Droplets on a Microfluidic Chip Gao, AR; Liu, X; Li, T; Gao, XL; Wang, YL JOURNAL OF ADHESION SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY 2012 26 12-17