Title First Author PubYear
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Knowledge interchange in task-oriented architecture: For space robot application 余岑,周维佳 2013
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Hierarchy organization model based on the logic of tasks 余岑,周维佳 2013
Several key issues in the electric refitting of engineering machinery 杨国永,谷侃锋 2013
Surface defects detection of red jujube based on near-infrared vision system 许敏,马钺,陈帅 2013
Ceramic tile color difference classification system based on color histogram 汤旭日,姜迈,Wang, Yuping,Pi, Zhigang 2013
Network calculus based dimensioning for industrial wireless mesh networks 尚志军,崔世界,王秋石 2013
A kind of new switching power supply with multiple isolated outputs used in high-voltage static synchronous compensator 闫炳均,徐皑冬,白占元 2013
Research of adaptive frequency hopping technology in WIA-PA industrial wireless network 梁炜,刘帅,杨雨沱,李世明 2013
Ant-colony-based geographic and energy balance routing for sensor networks 肖金超,曾鹏,张华良,李栋 2013
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Research on friction and wear properties of MC nylon/ carbon nano tubes composites 葛铁军,Wang, Jing,何伟 2013
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A structural difference based image clutter metric with brain cognitive model constraints 徐德江,史泽林,罗海波 2013
Vision Servoing Based on the Density Analysis of Texture Elements 刘晓民,朱枫 2013