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Wang Shou Jue

Wang Shou Jue, born in 1926, Expert on semiconductor electronics. He was elected as the member of Chinese Academy of Science in 1980.

Expert on semiconductor electronics, born in Shanghai, native of Shuzhou, Jiangshu Province. Graduated from Shanghai Tongji University. Researcher of the Institute of Semiconductor, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Succeeded in developing the high frequency germanium alloy diffusion transistor for the first time at home in 1958 and promoted to produce in 109 factories for applying to the high-speed transistor computer which was developed by China. In 1959-1963 he was in charge of developing silicon planar technology project, and successfully developed 5 types of silicon planar transistor. Succeeded in using the self-made patteren generator automatic lithographic plate making technology to fabricate the mask plate of large scale integrated circuit in 1974. Engaged in the research of the new circuit from 1976, had put forward a kind of new multi-value and continuous logic high-speed circuit --plural logical circuit, and tried using it in the equipment After 1979 engaged in the research of the multi-value and continuous logical circuit system and promoted it to practical application and production.

He was elected as the member of Chinese Academy of Science in 1980.