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Ma Xiao Yu

MA Xiaoyu received the B. Sc., and M. Sc., degree in Electronic Engineering from Jilin University in 1984, and 1987 respectively. In 1987, he joined the Institute of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China, where as a leader of a group, he is in charge of several national program for long wavelength laser diodes, 1310nm uncooled QW laser diodes, 650nm DVD laser diodes and so on. And also in charge of MOCVD epi-growth for some of national programs. Since 1997, he has been a Professor with the Institute of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Sciences. His current research interests involved the MOCVD epi-growth research of InGaAsP/InP, AlGaAs/GaAs, AlGaInP/GaInP QW materials and their applications such as laser diodes

Selected publications

1. Guotong DU, Xiaoyu Ma, Zheng Zou, Xiaobo ZHANG, and Dingsan GAO (1989) "Terraced substrate inner stripe semiconductor lasers by one-step liquid-phase epitaxy" J. Appl. Phys. Vol.66, No.5, P.2225-2227, 1 September
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3. 马骁宇,王树堂, 熊飞克,郭 良,王仲明,曾 靖,王丽明,陈良惠 (1996)“低压MOCVD外延生长InGaAsP/InP应变量子阱材料与器件应用” 半导体学报 第17卷第5期第398页(1996)
MA Xiaoyu, WANG Shutang, XIONG Feike, GUO Liang, WANG Zhongming, ZENG Jing, WANG Liming, CHEN Lianghui (1996) “InGaAsP/InP stained-layers quantum materials and their applications by LP-MOCVD” Pan Tao Ti Hsueh Pao/Chinese Journal of Semiconductors v 17 n 5 May 1996 p 398 In Chinese
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