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Liu Yu Liang

Dr. Yuliang Liu, born in 1966, is a professor of the institute of semiconductors, CAS. His group is engaged in the design, fabrication and packaging of integrated optical devices, such as optical power equalizer, integrated OADM, which are supported by the national 973 plan, 863 plan, the National Natural Science Foundation of China and project of CAS. His group is also engaged in the research of the distributed optical fiber sensor networks.

There are many advanced equipments in the institute to support these research., succh as commercial BPM software for designing integrated optical chip, Agilent’s passive component test system, Newport ‘s AutoAlign waveguide assembly workstation systems, Suruga’s alignment and monitoring unit, Excimer laser for FBG fabrication, Optical sensor network analyzer, as well as optical spectrum analyzer, ASE, tunable laser etc.

Dr. Liu ever worked as a senior engineer and senior manager in Huawei and JDSU. He got the experiences of product development, product planning, and marketing as well as sales there. These experiences help him to lead the graduates and doctorial students to learn not only the optoelectronics but also the concept of product, cooperation and management which may help them more successful when they ‘enter the society’.

Dr. Liu is the strategic committeeman of the Micro-system Technology Center, CAS. He is also the consultant of the new technology industry of Shanghai Zijiang Group, and the professor of Changchun University of Science and Technology and the professor of Taiyuan Heavy Machinery Institute.

Email: ylliu@red.semi.ac.cn


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