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Zhu Hong Liang

Zhu Hongliang was born in Hunan, P. R. China in 1957. In 1982 he received the B. Sc. degree in Applied Physics from Hunan University, Hunan, China and in 1986 he received the M. Sc. degree in Department of Electronic Engineering from Beijing University of technology, Beijing, China. In 1989 He joined the Institute of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China, where he engaged in design and technological realization of optoelectronic devices. From 1991 to 1994 he was a visiting scholar at the Deutsche Telekom, Forschungszentrum, Darmstadt, Germany, worked on wavelength - tunable DFB lasers. From 1994 to now, he has been working mainly for III-V semiconductor optoelectronics material growth by MOVPE and manufacturing of optoelectronic devices. The current research field include semiconductor MQW lasers and their integrated devices(MQW-DFB Lasers, EA , EML and so on.), lager stress long wavelength semiconductor MQW DFB lasers, OEIC devices based on InP .

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