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Li Jin Min

Li Jinmin, Ph.D., researcher/professor, tutor for Ph.D. graduate students. Obtained the bachelor degree in semiconductor physics and devices from the Department of Electronic Engineering, Xi’an Jiaotong University in 1982. Got the master degree in semiconductor materials and devices physics from NO.13 Institute of the Ministry of Information Industry in 1984. Got the doctorate degree optics in from the Xi’an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics of CAS in 1991. Did post-doctor study at the Institute of Semiconductors,CAS during 1991~1993. Li was engaged mainly in growing and devices of GaAs materials,which made some impact in III-V GaAs infrared quantum well detector.He was engaged in studying the navel semiconductor materials in the Institute of semiconductors,CAS during 1993-1995. During 1995-2002,he assumed the position of the director of the material center of the Institute of Semiconductors,CAS, assistant director of the Insitute of Semiconductors,CAS, member of the academic committee of the Institute.He was engaged in studying the novel semiconductor materials.

Li has been in charge of the state key science and technology project:the North Microelectronics Base of the "Ninth five-year plan"setting up the national novel semiconductor materials research base of the "North Microelectronics Base" and "The novel semiconductor materials", including the projects of "The thin layer Si epitaxy material used for submicro and deep submicro CMOS integrated circuit"; "The double heterstructure SOI materials"; "GaN epitaxy material used for high temperature MESFET";and "MBE SiC materials used for high temperature and power devices". He worked as a visiting scholar in the US during 1999.10-2002.01. Since 1999, he has been in charge of the innovation program of the semiconductor functional materials of the Institute of Semiconductors,exploring the way of transforming the scientific results into productive force and seeking the social capital actively while doing scientific research and scientific management. He worked for the establishment of the Beijing Compound Crystal Technology , which is engaged in developing and producing the compound semiconductor single crystal materials and epitaxy materials.


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