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Zhao Jian Hua

 Jianhua Zhao received her B.S. and M.S. degrees in physics from Jilin University, China in 1985 and 1988 respectively, and PhD degree in physics from the Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) in 1999. She worked at Yanshan University as a lecturer and an associate professor from 1988 to 1996. In 1999, she entered the Institute of Semiconductors, CAS as a postdoctoral research fellow, where she worked on physical phenomena of planar semiconductor quantum microcavity. In 2000, she joined Prof. Hideo Ohno's group, Research Institute of Electrical Communication, Tohoku University, Japan where she focused on molecular-beam epitaxy, structural characterization, magnetic, transport and optical properties of III-V magnetic semiconductors and ferromagnet/semiconductor hybrids. She has been being a professor at the Institute of Semiconductors, CAS since 2002.  

 In the past decades, she has published more than 150 papers as the first author or co-author in Phys. Rev. Lett., Nano Lett., Adv. Mater., Appl. Phys. Lett., and Phys. Rev. B. She has given over 30 invited talks at semiconductor spintronics related international conferences or workshops. In 2001, she was awarded the second prize of national technology invention, granted by Chinese State Council. She has been the PI for 10 projects granted by NSFC, CAS and MOST of China. She was actively involved in program committees for several major magnetic and semiconductor conferences such as ICM2015INTERMAG20152011MMM. She is  the editor board member of Progress in Physics (2014-2017), Semiconductor Science and Technology (2011-2014). 

 Her current interest focuses on spintronics, including molecular-beam epitaxy and spin-dependent phenomena of magnetic semiconductors, and ferromagnet/semiconductor hybrids, and related spintronic devices.    

 Her email: jhzhao@red.semi.ac.cn;  

 Tel: 86-10-8230-4998(O); 86-10-8230-4126,4127(L)     

 Selected publications: 

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