Name(A~Z) Title Research Area Email
Bai Xinwen Associate Professor
Teamwork, team processes, and team performance and innovation, especially the roles of team cognition (Shared Mental Models) in teams.
The organizational, social, and cultural determinants of innovation in science & technology.
 Subjective well-being during the economic and societal transition in China.
Bai Yunjing Assistant Professor

Addiction, Inhibitory control, Reward system dysfunction,Stress
Bao Min Professor
Visual plasticity such as visual adaptation, perceptual learning.
Bi Hongyan Professor
developmental and educational psychology
Cai Huajian Professor

Self-Positivity; Implicit Social Cognition; Social Neuroscience,
Chang Suhua Associate Professor

My research focuses on the genetic research of psychiatric disorders by using genomic and bioinformatic methods, including the identification of disease related genetic loci, variant function analysis and prediction, and polygenic disease prediction model based on genetic data. I also work on the systemic and integrative analysis for large scale of genetic data, gene expression data and network data.
Chen Jie Associate Professor

Development and Psychopathology, Behavior Genetics, Abnormal Psychology 

Research interests:
My research focused on the interaction between biological factors (e.g., heredity, gene, puberty) and environmental factors (e.g., cultural, social, family, school) on adolescent development and mental health. My research was designed in multiple levels: gene-physiology-brain circuits-behavior.
Chen Kepu Assistant Professor

The basic properties and unique functions of human olfactory perception;
The character(s) of human olfaction in multisensory integration and its mechanism;
The processing and outputs of human chemosignals.
Chen Tianyong Associate Professor

Working memory, executive function, and aging
Computer-based testing of adult mental abilities
Cognitive and emotional well-being of the elderly
Chen Xuefeng
Organizational Behavior
Social Psychology
Chen Yiwen Associate Professor
Advertising and Consumer Psychology
Chen Zhiyan Professor

Clinical Psychology
Du Feng Professor

Attention, working memory and executive control, cognitive ergonomics
Du Yi Professor Auditory and across-modal processing; Speech perception and comprehension; Ageing; Musical plasticity; Language learning; Speech disorders in brain diseases
Fan Chunlei Associative Professor
1. focuses on product/ brand /user experiencing,
2. emphasizes experimental methods and behavioral measures, as well as with observation, self-report, and survey techniques,
3. is solidly grounded in current theoretical advances in cognitive science.