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Chen Junyuan
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No.39 East Beijing Road, Nanjing 210008, CHINA

Chen Jun-Yuan (born 1939.11) is an evolutionary biologist at the University of Nanjing and a Paleontologist at Nanjing Institute of Paleontology and Geology of Chinese Academy of Sciences. As a graduate of Northwest University, he was educated as a petroleum geologist (1956.09-1960.09), and then held appointment at Nanjing Inst. of Geology & Paleontology, Chinese Academy of Sciences since 1960. He also hold appointment of many oversea guest senior scholarships including at Univ. of Rochester, NY (1981.05-1982.10); at Royal Ontario Museum, Canada (1982.10-1993.05) ; at Univ. of Stockholm, Sweden (1988.08-1989.07); and at California Institute of California .

He is best known for his work in Cambrian Cephalopods and Early Animals (especially Early Cambrian Chengjiang fossil fauna and Early Ediacaran Weng’an fauna).  He currently has devoted a major part of his professional career to developing novel understanding in evolutionary origins of vertebrates and arthropods.

Chen recently has spent the majority of his scientific career investigating the molecular and mechanistic basis of amphioxus (a living fossil representative of the first chordates) in order decoding how the complex body plan and body system of the vertebrates had evolved.

He has received many awards and honors including: National Top Award of Natural Sciences at 2003;  Academic Award of Natural Sciences at 1997 (outstanding grade), 1992 (first grade) and 1986 (second grade); 1997 Hong Kong Qiu-Shi award for Science and Technology achievement; Jiangsu Award of Natural Science; Heliang-Liliang Arward; Li Shi-Guan Award.


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