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Variations on Soil Salinity and Sodicity and Its Driving Factors Analysis under Microtopography in Different Hydrological Conditions Yang, F., An, F. H. Water 2016 8 6 
Does Warming Influence Freeze-Thaw Treated Dissolved N in Wetland Soil Solutions Yu, X. F. Fresenius Environmental Bulletin 2016 25 6 2220-2224
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Functional conservation and diversification of the soybean maturity gene E1 and its homologs in legumes Zhang, X. Z. Scientific Reports 2016 6  
Characterization of CDOM from urban waters in Northern-Northeastern China using excitation-emission matrix fluorescence and parallel factor analysis Zhao, Y. Environmental Science and Pollution Research 2016 23 15 15381-15394
Preparation and Application of a Xanthate-Modified Thiourea Chitosan Sponge for the Removal of Pb(II) from Aqueous Solutions Wang, N. N. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 2016 55 17 4960-4968
No tillage combined with crop rotation improves soil microbial community composition and metabolic activity Sun, B. J. Environmental Science and Pollution Research 2016 23 7 6472-6482
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