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Conversion of cropland to forage land and grassland increases soil labile carbon and enzyme activities in northeastern China Yu, P. J. Agriculture Ecosystems & Environment 2017 245  83-91
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Evaluation of CDOM sources and their links with water quality in the lakes of Northeast China using fluorescence spectroscopy Zhao, Y. Journal of Hydrology 2017 550  80-91
Thin ferrihydrite sediment capping sequestrates phosphorus experiencing redox conditions in a shallow temperate lacustrine wetland Zou, Y. C. Chemosphere 2017 185  673-680
GmILPA1, Encoding an APC8-like Protein, Controls Leaf Petiole Angle in Soybean Gao, J. S. Plant Physiology 2017 174 2 1167-1176
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Altered soil carbon and nitrogen cycles due to the freeze-thaw effect: A meta-analysis Song, Y. Soil Biology & Biochemistry 2017 109  35-49
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