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Shi Xinghua
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    Xinghua Shi received his Bachelor degree from Peking University, Master degree from Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences and PhD from Brown University. He studied nanoparticle-cell interaction with multiscale modeling. In the beginning of 2016 he joined National Center for Nanoscience and Technology (NCNST) as full professor and principle investigator. There he focused on the mechanics problems of drug delivery systems. He has published several papers in the international journals like Nature Nanotechnology Nature MaterialsPhysical Review LettersNano LettersAdvanced MaterialsACS Nano etc.

Multiscale simulation, biomechanics, self-assembly, target drug delivery



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    8. Miaorong Yu, Jiuling Wang, Yiwei Yang, Chunliu Zhu, Qian Su, Shiyan Guo, Jiashu Sun, Yong Gan*, Xinghua Shi*, Huajian Gao*, Rotation-facilitated rapid transport of nanorods in mucosal tissues, Nano Letters, 16, 7176-7182 (2016). 

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