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  Papers published in 2014 

   1.  Q. S. Wang, M. Safdar, Z. X. Wang, X. Y. Zhan, K. Xu, F. M. Wang and J. He* 

  Topological crystalline insulator Pb (1-x) SnxSe nanowires with {100} facets 

  Small. doi:10.1002/smll.201403159  

  2.  F. M. Wang, X. Y. Zhan, Z. Z. Cheng, Z. X. Wang, Q. S. Wang, K. Xu, M. Safdar and J. He*

  Tungsten Oxide @ Polypyrrole Core-shell Nanowire Arrays as Novel Negative Electrodes for High-performance Asymmetric Supercapacitors 

  Small. doi:10.1002/smll.201402340   

  3.  X. Y. Zhan, Z. X. Wang, F. M. Wang, Z. Z. Cheng, Kai. X, Q. S. Wang, M. Safdar and J. He* 

  Efficient CoO nanowire array photocatalysts for H2 generation 

  Applied Physics Letters. 105,153903 (2014)  

  4.  Q. S. Wang, M. Safdar, K. Xu, M. Mirza, Z.X. Wang and J. He*  

  Van der Waals Epitaxy and Photoresponse of Hexagonal Tellurium Nanoplates on Flexible Mica Sheets 

  ACS Nano. 8, 7497-7505 (2014)   

  5.  K. Xu, F. M. Wang, Z. X. Wang, X. Y. Zhan, Q. S. Wang, Z. Z. Cheng, M. Safdar and J. He* 

      Component-Controllable WS2 (1-x) Se2x Nanotube for Efficient Hydrogen Evolution Reaction  

      ACS Nano. 8, 8468-8476(2014)  

  6.  Z. X. Wang, K. Xu, Y. C. Li, X. Y. Zhan, M. Safdar, Q. S. Wang, F. M. Wang, and J. He* 

  Role of Ga Vacancy on a Multilayer GaTe Phototransistor

  ACS Nano. 8, 4859-4865 (2014)    

  7.  Y. J. Wang, X. Y. Zhan, F. M. Wang, QS. Wang, M. Safdar and J. He* 

  Crystalline ZnO/ZnSxSe1-x core-Shell nanowire arrays for efficient visible photoelectrocatalysis 

  Journal of Materials Chemistry. A. 2, 18413-18419 (2014)   

  8.  M. Safdar, Q. S. Wang, M. Mirza, Z. X. Wang and J. He*  

  Crystal Shape Engineering of Topological Crystalline Insulator SnTe Microcrystals and Nanowires with Huge Thermal Activation Energy Gap  

  Crystal Growth & Design. 14, 2502-2509 (2014) 

  9.  X. Y. Zhan, Q. S.Wang, F. M. Wang, Y. J. Wang, Z. X. Wang, J. L. Cao, M. Safdar and J. He* 

  Composition-Tuned ZnO/ZnxCd1–x Te Core/Shell Nanowires Array with Broad Spectral Absorption from UV to NIR for Hydrogen Generation

  ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. 6, 2878-2883 (2014)    

  10.  F.M. Wang, Y.C. Li, Z.Z. Cheng, K. Xu, X.Y. Zhan, Z.X. Wang and J. He* 

  Construction of 3D V2O5/hydrogenated-WO3 nanotrees on tungsten foil for high-performance pseudocapacitors

  Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. 16, 12214-12220 (2014)   

  11.  J. L. Cao, Z. X. Wang, X. Y. Zhan, Q. S. Wang, M. Safdar, Y. J. Wang and J. He* 

  Vertical SnSe nanorod arrays: from controlled synthesis and growth mechanism to thermistor and photoresistor 

  Nanotechnology. 25, 105705 (2014)   

  12.  F. M. Wang, Y. J. Wang, X. Y. Zhan, M. Safdar, J. R. Gong*, and J. He*  

  Pt nanoparticles and CdS quantum dots assisted WO3 nanowires grown on flexible carbon fibers for efficient oxygen production

  CrystEngComm. 16, 1389-1394 (2014)


  Papers published in 2013

  1.  M. Safdar, Q. S. Wang, M. Mirza, Z. X. Wang, K. Xu, and J. He*  

  Topological Surface Transport Properties of Single-Crystalline SnTe nanowire

  Nano Letters. 13, 5344-5349 (2013)

  2.  Q. S. Wang, M. Safdar, Z. X. Wang, and J. He*  

  Low-Dimensional Te-Based Nanostructures

  Advanced Materials. 25, 3915-3921 (2013)

  3.  Y. J. Wang, Q. S. Wang, X. Y. Zhan, F. M. Wang, M. Safdar and J. He*  

  Visible light driven type II heterostructures and their enhanced photocatalysis properties: a review

  Nanoscale. 5, 8326 (2013)

  4.  M. Safdar, Z. X. Wang, M. Mirza, F. K. Butt, Y. J. Wang, L. F. Sun* and J. He*  

  Telluride-based nanorods and nanosheets: synthesis, evolution and properties

  Journal of Materials Chemistry A. 1, 1427 (2013)

  5.  M. J. Chen, H. Q. Zhou, F. Yu, H. C. Yang, G. Wang, J. He* and L. F. Sun* 

  Tuning the layer-dependent doping effect of graphenes by C60 

  Nanoscale. 5, 8359 (2013)

  6.  F. Yu, H. Q. Zhou, Z. X. Zhang, G. Wang, H. C. Yang, M. J. Chen, L. Tao, D. S. Tang, J. He*, and L. F. Sun* 

  Controlled Fabrication of Intermolecular Junctions of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube/Graphene Nanoribbon

  Small. 9, 2405-2409 (2013)

  7.  M. Safdar, X. Y. Zhan, M. T. Niu, M. Mirza, Q. Zhao, Z. X. Wang, J. P. Zhang, L. F. Sun* and J. He*  

  Site-specific nucleation and controlled growth of a vertical tellurium nanowire array for high performance field emitters

  Nanotechnology. 24, 185705 (2013)

  8.  J. L. Cao, M. Safdar, Z. X. Wang and J. He*  

  High-performance flexible supercapacitor electrodes based on Te nanowire arrays

  Journal of Materials Chemistry A. 1, 10024 (2013)

  9.  Y. J. Wang, F. M. Wang and J. He*  

  Controlled fabrication and photocatalytic properties of a three-dimensional ZnO nanowire/reduced grapheme oxide/CdS heterostructure on carbon cloth

  Nanoscale. 5, 11291 (2013)

  10.  Q. S. Wang, M. Safdar, X. Y. Zhan and J. He*  

  Controllable wettability by tailoring one-dimensional tellurium micro–nanostructures

  CrystEngComm. 15, 8475-8482 (2013)

  11.  K. Xu, Z. X. Wang, X. L. Du, M. Safdar, C. Jiang and J. He*  

  Atomic-layer triangular WSe2 sheets: synthesis and layer-dependent photoluminescence property

  Nanotechnology. 24, 465705 (2013)


  Papers published in 2012

  1.  Z. X. Wang, H. Yin, C. Jiang, M. Safdar, and J. He*  

  ZnO/ZnSxSe1-x/ZnSe Double-Shelled Coaxial Heterostructure: Enhanced Photoelectrochemical Performance and Its Optical Properties Study

  Applied Physics Letters. 101, 253109 (2012)

  2.  Z. X. Wang, M. Safdar, C. Jiang, J. He*  

  High-Performance UV-Visible-NIR Broad Spectral Photodetectors Based on One-Dimensional In2Te3 Nanostructures

  Nano Letters. 12, 4715-4721 (2012)

  3.  Z. X. Wang, X. Y. Zhan, Y. J. Wang, S. Muhammad, Y. Huang, J. He*  

  A flexible UV nanosensor based on reduced graphene oxide decorated ZnO nanostructures

  Nanoscale. 4, 2678-2684 (2012).

  4.  Z. X. Wang, X. Y. Zhan, Y. J. Wang, M. Safdar, M. T. Niu, J. P. Zhang, Y. Huang, J. He*  

  ZnO/ZnSxSe1x core/shell nanowire arrays as photoelectrodes with efficient visible light absorption  

  Applied Physics Letters. 101, 073105 (2012)

  5.  Y. J. Wang, Z. X. Wang, S. Muhammad, J. He*  

  Graphite-like C3N4 hybridized ZnWO4 nanorods: Synthesis and its enhanced photocatalysis in visible light,

  CrystEngComm. 14, 5065-5070, (2012)

  6.  M. Safdar, Z. X. Wang, M. Mirza, C. Jiang, and J. He*, 

  Crystalline indium sesquitelluride nanostructures: synthesis, growth mechanism and properties,

  Journal of Materials Chemistry. 22, 19228-19235 (2012)

  7.  J. He*, F. Bao, J. P. Zhang, 

  Capping effect of GaAsSb and InGaAsSb on the structural and optical properties of type II GaSb/GaAs quantum dots

  Applied Physics Letters. 100, 171914 (2012).

  8.  Y. J. Wang, X. J. Bai, C. S. Pan, J. He, Y. F. Zhu 

  Enhancement of photocatalytic activity of Bi2WO6 hybridized with graphite-like C3N4 

  Journal of Materials Chemistry. 22, 11568-11573 (2012)

  9.  Q. Jin, D. X. Li, Q. Qi, Y. W. Zhang, J. He, and C. Jiang 

  Two-Step Growth of Large Pentacene Single Crystals Based on Crystallization of Pentacene Monolayer Film

  Crystal Growth & Design. 12, 5432-5438 (2012)

  10.  J. H. Zhu, S. Y. Wei, N. Haldolaarachchige, J. He, D. P. Young , Z. H. Guo 

  Very large magnetoresistive graphene disk with negative permittivity

  Nanoscale. 4, 152-156 (2012).


  Some papers published before 2011  

  1.  Y. J. Wang, J. Lin, R. L. Zong, J. He, Y. F. Zhu 

  Enhanced photoelectric catalytic degradation of methylene blue via TiO2 nanotube arrays hybridized with graphite-like carbon

  Journal of Molecular Catalysis A-Chemical. 349, 13-19 (2011)

  2.  J. He, C. J. Reyner, B. L. Liang, K. Nunna, D. L. Huffaker 

  Band alignment tailoring of InAs1-xSbx/GaAs quantum dots: Control of type I to type II transition

  Nano Letters. 10, 3052-3056 (2010)

  3.  J. He, Y. Wu, and K. L. Wang 

  Structure and composition profile of InAs/GaAs quantum dots capped by InAlAs and InGaAs combination capping layer

  Nanotechnology. 21, 255705 (2010)

  4.  J. He, K. Yadavalli, Z. M. Zhao, N. Li, Z. B. Hao, and K. L. Wang 

  InAs/GaAs nanostructures grown in patterned nanoholes on Si (001) by molecular beam epitaxy

  Nanotechnology. 19, 455607 (2008)

  5.  H. Krenner, C. E. Pryor, J. He, and P. M. Petroff 

  A semiconductor exciton memory cell based on a single quantum nanostructure

  Nano Letters. 8, 1750-1755 (2008)

  6.  J. He, H. J. Krenner, J. P. Zhang, Y. Wu, D.G. Allen, C. M. Morris, M. S. Sherwin and P. M. Petroff 

  Growth, structural and optical properties of self-assembled (In,Ga)As quantum posts on GaAs

  Nano Letters. 7, 802-806 (2007)

  7.  J. He, R. Nötzel, P. Offermans, P. M. Koenraad, Q. Gong, G. J. Hamhuis, T. J. Eijkemans, and J. H. Wolter 

  Formation of columnar (In,Ga)As quantum dots

  Applied Physics Letters. 85, 2771 (2004)

  8.  J. He, B. Xu and Z. G. Wang 

  Effect of In0.2Ga0.8As and In0.2Al0.8As combination layer on band offsets of InAs quantum dots

  Applied Physics Letters. 84, 5237 (2004).

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