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Zhiyong Tang
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No.11,Beiyitiao Zhongguancun Beijing,china

1989-1996  M.S.&B.S., Department of Environmental Chemistry, Wuhan University, China
1996-2000  Ph.D., Changchu Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China, Dr. Erkang Wang’s research group.
2000-2001  Research Associate, Institute for Chemical and Bioengineering, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland, Dr. Roel Prins’s research group
2003-2006  Research Fellow, Chemistry Department, Oklahoma State University, and Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Michigan, Dr. Nicholas A. Kotov’s research group
2006-  Professor, National Center for Nanoscience and Technology, China

Application of functional nanomaterials in fields of environment and energy



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