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Jinsong Zhu
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Biosensor, optical materials
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No.11,Beiyitiao Zhongguancun Beijing,china

1993-1998, Ph.D. in chemistry and materials science, University of Southern California, Los Angels, California, USA. 1990-1993, B.A. in chemistry and mathematics, Linfield College, McMinnville, Oregon, USA. Worked for Lumera, Seattle, WA, USA, and for Photon-X, Malvern, PA, USA as Sr. Engineer and Distinguished Scientist respectively. Currently serving as professor at the National Center for Nanoscience and Technology, Beijing, China.

1. High throughput biochip and sensor system: SPR imaging based label-free, high throughput and microarray bio-detection and analysis technologies, applications include proteomics related antibody screening, biomarker and protein discovery, and clinical diagnostics. 2. Portable biosensor and biochip system: research and develop novel dynamic tunable biochip configurations based advanced nonlinear optical materials and waveguide technology, aimed at developing portable devices suitable for Point of Care Testing applications such as wireless medicine, disease control and food satefy. 3. THz Spectroscopy System: Research on high bandwidth THz system based on 2nd order nonlinear optical (NLO) material and femto-second optical fiber laser, by exploiting high optical nonlinearity of polymeric mateirals as well as high coherent interaction length between THz wave and dielectric polymers, imminent applications include fingerprinting of biomolecules, material characterization and public safety.



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4. Zheng Z., Wan Y., Zhao X., Zhu J., Applied Optics. Spectral Interferometric Measurement of Wavelength-Dependent Phase Response for Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensors.

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1. Study on 3rd Order Nonlinear carbon nanotube/polymer composite materials, NSF, 2007-2009. 2. THz Nanomaterials and Device based on Optical Communication Wavelength Laser Pumping Source, MOST 863 Project, 2006-2009. 3. New Nanostructured System and Sensors Based on Surface Plasmon Resonance, MOST 973 Project, 2009-2013. 4. Research and Development of On-Site, Multi-purpose, Rapid, High Sensitive Detection Method for Infectious Disease, Prevention and Treatment of Aids, Virus Hepatitis and Other Infectious Disease Project, Department of Health, 2008-2009.