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Guanglu Ge
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Physical Chemistry
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No.11,Beiyitiao Zhongguancun Beijing,china

Birthday:1970.9 Bachelor degree in 1992 and Master degree in 1995 from Department of Chemsitry, Shandong University. Ph.D. in 2001 under supervision of Prof. L. E. Brus from Columbia University, US. Thesis was on self assembly of nanoparticles at solid/liquid interface. Postdoctoral research from 2001 to 2005 at California Institute of Technology, with research focus on large scale protein detection using array of silicon nanowires. Joined NCNST in 2005.

Nanoscale Physical Chemistry



1.“MAC mode Atomic Force Microscopy Studies of Living Samples, Ranging from Cells to fresh Tissue”, G. Ge, D. Han, D. Lin, W. Chu, Y. Sun, L. Jiang, W. Ma, C. Wang, Ultramicroscopy, 107, 299-307, 2007.

2. “Electrochemically Programmed, Spatially Selective Biofunctionalization of Silicon Wires” Y. L. Bunimovich, G. Ge, K. C. Beverly, R. S. Ries, L. Hood, and J. R. Heath Langmuir, 20(24), 10630-10638, 2004.

3. “Gas-liquid-solid Phase Transition Model for Two-dimensional Nanocrystal Self-assembly on Graphite” J. Tang, G. Ge, and L. E. Brus, J Phys Chem B, 106(22), 5653-5658, 2002.

4. “Fast Surface Diffusion of Large Disk-Shaped Nanocrystal Aggregates” G. Ge and L. E. Brus, Nano Letters, 1, (4), 219, 2001.

5. “Evidence for Spinodal Phase Separation in Two-Dimensional Nanocrystal Self-Assembly” G. Ge and L. E. Brus, J Phys Chem B, 104, (41), 9573, 2000.

Community service:
Youth councilor of Chinese Particuology Society, Member of SAC/TC118 on Reference Materials

Commitment to research the situation:
1.NSFC general project 2.National Key Scientific Research Project 3.Knowledge Innovation Program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences