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Bai Bin
   142 Xizhimenwai ST., Beijing, 100044, China
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Seleted Publication:

  Bai B., and X. Wang, 2013. A review of methods in carbon and oxygen isotopic analyses of  tooth enamel from the small fossil mammals, Vertebrata PalAsiatica, 51 (3), 204-218 (in Chinese with English abstract). 

  Wang H.B., B. Bai, F. Gao et al., 2013. New eggysodontid (Mammalia, Perissodactyla) material from the Paleogene of the Guangnan Basin, Yunnan Province, China, Vertebrata PalAsiatica, 51 (4), 305-320 (in Chinese with English summary). 

  Bai B., and Y.Q. Wang. 2012. Proeggysodon gen. nov., a primitive Eocene eggysodontine (Mammalia, Perissodactyla) from Erden Obo, Siziwangqi, Nei Mongol, China. Vertebrata PalAsiatica 50: 204-218 

  Bai B., Y.Q. Wang, and J. Meng. 2011. Early Eocene chalicothere Litolophus with hoof-like unguals. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 31: 1387–1391 

  Bai B., Y.Q. Wang, J. Meng, X. Jin, Q. Li, and P. Li. 2011. Taphonomic analyses of an early Eocene Litolophus (Perissodactyla, Chalicotherioidea) assemblage from the Erlian Basin, Inner Mongolia, China. PALAIOS 26: 187–196. 

  Wang, Y. Q., J. Meng, X. Jin, C. K. Beard, B. Bai, Q. LI, X. J. Ni, and D. L. Gebo. 2011. Early Eocene perissodactyls (Mammalia) from the upper Nomogen Formation of the Erlian Basin, Nei Mongol, China. Vertebrata PalAsiatica 49: 123–140.  

  Bai B., Y.Q. Wang, and J. Meng. 2010. New craniodental materials of Litolophus gobiensis (Perissodactyla, “Eomoropidae”) from Inner Mongolia, China, and phylogenetic analyses of Eocene chalicotheres. American Museum Novitates 3688: 127  

  Wang, Y. Q., J. Meng, C. K. Beard, Q. A. Li, X. J. Ni, D. L. Gebo, B. Bai, X. Jin, and P. Li. 2010. Early Paleogene stratigraphic sequences, mammalian evolution and its response to environmental changes in Erlian Basin, Inner Mongolia, China. Science China-Earth Sciences 53: 1918–1926. 

  Bai B. 2008. A review on Chinese Eocene chalicotheres Eomoropus and Grangeria. In W. Dong (editor), Proceeding of the 11th Annual Meeting of the Chinese Society of Vertebrate Paleontology): 19–30. Beijing: China Ocean Press (in Chinese with English summary).  

  Meng, J., Y. Q. Wang, X. J. Ni, K. C. Beard, C. Sun, Q. Li, X. Jin, and B. Bai. 2007. New stratigraphic data from the Erlian Basin: implications for the division, correlation, and definition of Paleogene lithological units in Nei Mongol (Inner Mongolia). American Museum Novitates 3570: 1–31. 

  Bai B. 2006. New materials of Eocene Dinocerata (Mammalia) from the Erlian Basin, Nei Mongol (Inner Mongolia). Vertebrata PalAsiatica 44: 250–261 (in Chinese with English summary). 

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