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Title Authors Title of Journal Year
Holocene Vegetation Succession and Response to Climate Change on the South Bank of the Heilongjiang-Amur River, Mohe County, Northeast China Chao Zhao, Xiaoqiang Li, Xinying Zhou, Keliang Zhao, Qing Yang Advances in Meteorology 2015
A new Early Devonian lungfish from Guangxi, Cina, and its palaeogeographic significance Qiao, tuo; Zhu, Min Alcheringa 2015
Eggshell and Histology Provide Insight on the Life History of a Pterosaur with Two Functional Ovaries Xiaolin Wang, Alexander W.A. Kellner, Xin Cheng, Shunxing Jiang, Qiang Wang, Juliana M. Say?o, Taissa Rodrigues, Fabiana Rodrigues Costa, Ning Li, Xi Meng, & Zhonghe Zhou Annals of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences 2015
The last diadectomorph sheds light on Late Palaeozoic tetrapod biogeography Liu Jun; Bever, G. S. Biology Letters 2015
A new petalichthyid placoderm from the Early Devonian of Yunnan, China Zhaohui Pan, Min Zhu, You'an Zhu, Liantao Jia Comptes Rendus Palevol 2015
Geochemical and paleontological evidence for the definition of Silurian/Devonian Boundary in the Changwantang Section, Guangxi Province, China Zhao, W.-J., Jia, G.-D., Zhu, M. & Zhu, Y.-A. Estonian Journal of Earth Sciences 2015
The Late Miocene Hipparion (Equidae, Perissodactyla) fossils from Baogeda Ula, Inner Mongolia, China Deng Tao, Wang H J, Wang X M, Li Q, Tseng Z J Historical Biology 2015
Reform of China’s S&T system, quo vadis? Zhonghe Zhou National Science Review 2015
Paleo-altimetry reconstructions of the Tibetan Plateau: progress and contradictions Deng Tao, Ding Lin National Sciences Review 2015
A shelduck coracoid (Aves: Anseriformes: Tadorna) from the arid early Pleistocene of the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau, China Thomas A. Stidham, Xiaoming Wang, Qiang Li, Xijun Ni Palaeontologia Electronica 2015