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Microbe-pollutant interactions and their implications for environmental selection of antibiotic resistance,Evolution of copper resistance in Pseudomonas spp,Phytoremediation of heavy and transition metals aided by legume-rhizobia symbiosis,Role of copper in killing of bacteria inside of amoeba,Biogenesis of selenium nanospheres by the obligate aerobic bacteriumComamonas testosteroni S44

0592-6190784 rensing@iue.ac.cn
0592-6190996 pcai@iue.ac.cn
Inventory of atmospheric pollutant emissions; Atmospheric environmental chemistry; Air quality control technology
0592-6190765 jschen@iue.ac.cn
wastewater treatment and reclamation technologies. Focus on research of biological and chemical technologies on water pollution control, wastewater reuse and nutrient reclamation.
0592-6190995 shchen@iue.ac.cn

Urban ecological process and control
Urban environmental planning

0592-6190777 shcui@iue.ac.cn
Environmental Molecular Toxicology; Chinese Medicines and Environmental Health
0592-6190779 sjdong@iue.ac.cn
0592-6190790/0574-86085949 ycdong@iue.ac.cn

Novel environmental nanomaterials, Nano-bimetallic catalyst, Bimetallic hydroxide sorbent nanomaterials, Recycled modified construction materials, QDs sensitized solar cell.

+86-592-6190762 mlfu@iue.ac.cn
Molecular toxicology, Environmental pollution and diseases 0592-6190542 qshuang@iue.ac.cn

Porous materials; Oxide-supported materials; Graphite carbon-based materials,Control and removal of volatile organic compounds

0592-6190767 hpjia@iue.ac.cn
Indoor Air Pollution,Outdoor Air Pollution;Air Pollution Control
0592-6190560 ceslee@polyu.edu.hk
0592-6190560 cexzli@polyu.edu.hk
Environmental Geochemistry, Contaminated Land Assessment, Environmental Management, Environmental Impact Assessment, Hazardous Waste Treatment
0592-6190560 cexdli@polyu.edu.hk
Urban environmental management and planning, urban ecology, urban metabolism 0592-6190651 tlin@iue.ac.cn
Wastewater ecological/biological treatment and reclamation technologies
0592-6190781 cxliu@iue.ac.cn
Waste Recycling and Management (Solid, Hazardous, Construction), Concrete Technology
0592-6190560 cecspoon@polyu.edu.hk
Urban ecology and landscape ecology, Forest ecology and forest carbon sink +86-592-6190679 yren@iue.ac.cn
The major areas are human exposure to the environmental pollutants, health effects and risk assessment. Many concerns on urban changing (urbanization) and health and wellbeing
1. Exposure Science: Human biological monitoring of micro-pollutants, esp., endocrine disrupting chemicals, food and environment monitoring, molecular exposomics, exposure biomarkers
2. Toxicology/Environmental Epidemiology: response biomarkers of pollutants, omics and systems biology, environmental epigenetic toxicology, environmental epidemiology
0592-6190771 hqshen@iue.ac.cn
Urban ecological risk management; Energy efficiency evaluation; Urban sustainable development planning +86-592-6190682 lyshi@iue.ac.cn

Using genomic, transcriptomic and microarray approaches to investigate the microbial diversity and functional genes involved in bio-geochemical cycles of carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur and metal elements.
Using metagenomic and high-throughput qPCR to investigate the abundance, distribution and dissemination of antibiotic resistance genes, and to discover novel antibiotic resistance genes in environment.

0592-6190514 jqsu@iue.ac.cn
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