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Yang, Jinmin
Highest Education  
New Building 6321
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Education and Appointments

Birth date: 1964.09.23

1981.9-1985.7,  B.S., Henen University, China
1985.9-1988.7,  M.S., Henan Normal University, China
1988.7-1992.9,  Assistant professor, Henan Normal University, China
1992.9-1995.7,  PhD, Institute of Theoretical Physics, Academia Sinica, China
1995.7-1996.5,  Professor, Henan Normal University, China
1996.5-1998.3,  Postdoctor, Northwestern Univ. and Iowa State Univ., USA
1998.3-2000.3,  Postdoctor, Tohoku Univ., Japan
2000.3-present, Professor, Institute of Theoretical Physics, Academia Sinica, China

My main research interests are new physics (especially supersymmetry) phenomenology and the correlated cosmic dark matter, Higgs physics, and top quark physics. My papers can be found from http://www.slac.stanford.edu/spires/hep/ (typing 'find a Jin Min Yang').  My research contents include the following:

(1) New physics phenomenology, especially low energy supersymmetry. We examine various direct and indirect experimental constraints on the new physics models, and study their phenomenology at the colliders like Tevatron, LHC and ILC. We perform MC study for the searches of new particles at the colliders.

(2) Dark matter, especially the dark matter physics in low energy supersymmetry. We interpret the cosmic dark matter as the LSP in supersymmetry, and try to explain the WMAP relic density and the Pamela results. Then we analyze the required parameter space and study the implication on the phenomenology at the colliders.

(3) Higgs physics. We study Higgs physics at the colliders, predicted by various new physics modles like supersymmetry and little Higgs theory. We perform comparative study for different new physics models and compare with the standard model predictions.

(4) Top quark physics. We use top quark as a window for new physics and study the new physics effects in various decay and production processes of the top quark, especially the FCNC processes, which are extremely suppressed in the standard model and thus can be served as a smoking gun for new physics.

Research Interests
Quantum Field Theory and Microscopic Structure of Matter
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Address: Zhong Guan Cun East Street 55 #, P. O. Box 2735, Beijing 100190, P. R. China
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