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Yan Xiaoyuan
Ph. D
Director of Changshu Agro-ecological Experimental Station
Academic title:
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Subject categories:
Carbon and nitrogen cycling
Mailing Address:
No.71 East Beijing Road, Nanjing, China


  Dr. Xiaoyuan Yan was trained as a soil scientist with an emphasis on carbon and nitrogen cycling. He is currently working on carbon and nutrient dynamics at watershed scale, aiming at mitigating greenhouse gas emission and non-point source pollution simultaneously. He is particularly interested in quantifying denitrification rates across landscape and determining their controlling factors.

  Research Areas

  Greenhouse gas emission from cropland and wetland

  Denitrification and anammox

  Soil carbon and nitrogen interaction

  Agricultural non-point source pollution


  Postdoctoral fellow, Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences, 1999-2001.

  Ph.D. in soil science, Institute of Soil Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1998.

  B.S. Agronomy, Hunan Agricultural University, China. 1992.


   Greenhouse gas emission from cropland and wetland

   Denitrification and anammox

   Soil carbon and nitrogen interaction

   Agricultural non-point source pollution


  National Natural Science Award, 2008

  Jiangsu Provincial Award for Science and Technology Progress, 2004

  Japan International Award for Young Agricultural Researcher, 2008


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Community service:

  Director of East Asia Center, the International Nitrogen Initiative

  Member of editorial board of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition

  Member of the Technical Committee on Soil Systems and Critical Zone Processes, American Geophysical Union

Commitment to research the situation:

  National Science & Technology Pillar Program: Technology development, integration and demonstration for carbon sequestration and greenhouse gas mitigation on croplands

  NSFC-JST (Sino-Japan) joint project: Comparative study of nitrogen cycling and its impact on water quality in agricultural watersheds in Japan and China