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Sun Bo
Director of Ecological Research Station of Red Soil in Yingtan,CAS
Academic title:
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Subject categories:
Soil Geology, Soil Ecology
Mailing Address:
No.71 East Beijing Road, Nanjing, China


SUN Bo,Professor, PhD supervisor. 1. University Degrees: 1)PhD in Soil Fertility: 1992-1995, Institute of Soil Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences;2)MSc in Soil Chemistry: 1989-1992,Institute of Soil Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences;3)BSc of Soil Chemistry and Plant Nutrient: 1985-1989, Nanjing Agricultural University. 2. Employment: 1)2008-Present: Director of Ecological Research Station of Red Soil in Yingtan,Professor in Institute of  Soil Science, CAS;2)2004- 2008: Director of Soil Sub-Center, Chinese Ecosystem Research Network;3)1995-2003: Assistant professor then associate professor in ISSCAS. 3. International experience:2012.12-2013.2,visting professor in Stanford Universtiyt, 2009.4.: Professor in University of Orleans, France;2001.11-2002.1 and 2004.10-11: Senior fellow in Melbourne University, Australia;1999.3-2000.2: Rothamsted International Fellow in Rothamsted Research Center;1995.10-1996.9: Post-doctoral in IRD (Institute of Research and Development), France. 4. Main research program: 1)Translocation and transformation of nutrients in the key agro-ecosystems and its optimized management along the rainful and temperature transects; 2)Policy responses to non-point pollution for China’s crop production system; 3) Mechanisms of erosion, acidification and fertility degradation of red soil and its restoration; 4)Soil long-term observation and soil science database of China. Dr. Sun co-authored 151 peer-reviewed papers and 5 books, in which 36 papers published in SCI and EI journals.

Nutrient cycling and soil quality change in agro-ecosystems from filed to regional scale 
1)Key technologies for observation of changes in terrestrial ecosystems and their integreted applications. National National Science and Technology Progress Award (Second class) in 2011; 2)Mechanisms and countermeasures of red soil degradation in China. National National Science and Technology Progress Award (Second class) in 2004.
Community service:
Committee member of Soil Science Society of China, Vice Chairman of Chinese Plant Nutrition Society of China
Commitment to research the situation:
1)Impact of climate and soil type on collaborative changes of straw composition and microbial community during straw long-term decomposition (National Natural Science Foundation of China); 2)Theory and technology for improvement of farmland fertility in typical regions in China(National Basic Research Program of China ); 3) Comprehensive scientific investigation in hilly and mountainous area in southern China (Special Project for Basic work in Science and Technology of China (2012FY111800):4) )Experimental demonstration of carbon sequestration technologies for increasing carbon sink in typical artificial forest in Southern China (Stategic Priority Research Program of Chinese Academy of Sciences).