Yulong Yin
Education: Ph.D
Subject categories:
Academic title: Professor
Unit code: 161343
     Yulong Yin is a Professor, Institute Faculty Fellow in the Research Center of Animal Healthy Feeding and cross-Appointments with the Life Science College of Nanchang University. He earned his bachelor's degree in Biology from Hunan Normal University Changsha, Hunan, China, a master's degree in animal nutrition from Agricultural University of Central China Wuhan, China, and a doctorate (Animal Nutrition) from The Queen's University of Belfast, UK.

He conducts research in Animal Production; Animal Feed, Nutrition and Physiology of Amino Acids and Protein; Gene Expression and Gene Therapy, Comparative Animal Nutrition, Growth and Development of Animals, Biology and Pathobiology of Nitric Oxide and Polyamines; Diabetes, Obesity and Cardiovascular Complications, Fetal Nutrition and Metabolism, Animal Models of Human Diseases, Nutritional Biochemistry and Physiology.

He has received several prestigious awards as follows,
1.Hundred Talents of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, May, 2000
2. National Science and Technology Progress Prize of China, 2008 (as project leader and the first researcher) “Applied Techniques of Regulating Nitrogen and Phosphorus Metabolism in Livestock and Poultry and Safety Feed Production”
3.National Science and Technology Progress Prize of China, December 1996 (as project leader  and the first researcher) “Ileal digestibility of nutrients and ileal digestible essential amino acid requirements for growing-finishing pigs”
4. National Science and Technology Progress Prize of China, December, 1997 (as main researcher)-“Swine and poultry nutritional parameter”
5.Max-planck Gesellschaft Scholarship, Germany, June 21, 1995
6.Science and Technology Progress Prize of Hunan Province, December 1994 (as project leader and the second researcher)-”Utilization of the Chinese Maifanite stone as a mineral and trace elements for animals”
7.Outstanding Scientist Prize of the Chinese Government, October 1, 1992
8. Young Scientist Prize of Agricultural Association of Hunan Province, March 1, 1992
9.Young Scientist Prize of Chinese Association of Agriculture, April 7, 1992
10.Young Scientist Prize of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, October 17, 1991
11.Science and Technology Progress Prize of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, December 1990 (as main researcher)-“Research of the animal feedstuff and animal production in Taoyuan County” 
12. Max-planck Gesellschaft Scholarship, West Germany, December 31, 1985

Mailing Address: Yuanda Road (Second) # 644, Mapoling, Changsha, Hunan, China
Postal Code: 410125
Phone: (86)-731-84619703
Fax: (86)-731-84612685
Community service:
Commitment to research the situation:
Full Professor and Director of the  Animal Nutrition and Health Center (Institute of Subtropical Agriculture, The Chinese Academy of Sciences)                                                                                                     1999 – Present
Research project
1. Evaluation of galactomanan and Chinese herb extraction (tea polyphenols and essential oils) as an alternative to dietary antibiotics to control food-borne pathogens in livestock
2. Nutritional and health function of carbohydrate for animal and human
3. Amino acids and sugar flu between animal organ and tissues

Research Associate
Dept. of Animal and Poultry Science       
University of Guelph, Canada           Nov. 1999 - 2001
Research project:
Effect of small intestinal microflora fermentation on nutrient digestion and absorption and threonine and lysine requirements      

Research Associate
USA Department of Agriculture, U.S. Meat Animal Research Center, Clay Center, NE 68933, USA                                                              Dec. 1999 - May 2000
Research project:
Effect of endogenous amino acid losses on visceral organ size and energy and amino acid metabolism in growing pigs 

Postdoctoral Research
Dept. of Animal Science       
The University of Manitoba, Canada    Oct. 1997 - Oct.1999
Research project:       
1. Improvement of the nutritive value of hulless barley and peas for swine and poultry by feed enzyme addition (granted by Finnfeeds International Ltd. UK).
2. Studied the effects of micronization and feed enzyme treatments of hulless barley and peas on nutrient utilization for starter, grower and finisher pigs and broiler.
3. Studied the effects of heat treating grains and peas on phytase activity and apparent digestibility of phosphorus, calcium, energy and amino acids in pigs and poultry.
PhD Research
The Queen's University of Belfast, UK  Nov.1994 - Aug. 1997
Research project:
1. Effects of exogenous enzyme and antibiotic supplementation with grains on nutrient utilization in pigs.
2. Assessed the effects of dietary non-starch polysaccharides (NSP) levels exogenous enzyme on growth performance, ileal endogenous nitrogen and amino acids losses, and energy and amino acid utilization in  pigs.
3. Assessed the effects of exogenous enzyme on ileal and fecal digestibility of amino acids, energy and NSP of pigs fed on diets with and without antibiotic supplementation

Visiting Professor
Ernährungsphysiologie “Oskar Kellner”, Forschungsinstitüt für die Biologie landwirtschaftlich Nutztiere, Rostock, Germany         Nov.1995- April 1996
Research project:
Determination of the true amino acid digestibility with 15N dilution techniques

Full Professor and Director of the Dept. Animal Nutrition
The Chinese Academy of Sciences, Changsha Institute of
Agricultural Modernization (CAS-CIAM), China April 1994 – October 1994
Research and industry-based projects:
1. Relative bioavailability and growth performance of copper in a copper-lysine complex or copper sulfate for growing pigs
2. Promoting and selling the feedstuff products of Hunan 3A Feedstuff Company

Associate Professor
CAS-CIAM, China     Jan. 1991 - March 1994

Research and industry-based projects:
1.Creating and chairing  Hunan 3A Feeds and Pork Company and developing  techniques of manufacturing the 3A mineral premixes, vitamins premixes and feed concentrates for pigs and poultry
2.Evaluating different techniques for determining the ileal digestibility of protein and amino acids, including: ileal simple T cannula, ileo-caecal re-entrant cannulae, ileo-rectal anastomsis, ileo-caecal valve T-caecal cannula (PVTC) and ileal mobile nylon bag technique
3.Determining ileal and fecal digestibility of energy, cell wall constituents, crude protein and amino acids in 65 kinds of feedstuffs and mixed diets for pigs
4.Measuring the ileal digestible essential amino acid requirement for growing pigs
5.Utilization of the Changsha Maifanite stone as mineral and trace elements additive for animals
6.Utilization of oil seed meals as the main protein feedstuffs for swine and poultry

Assistant Professor
CAS-CIAM, China     Nov.1987 - Dec. 1990

Research projects:
1. Studied the nutritive values of raw and ammonium treated rape seed meals for animals
2.Use of Chinese Maifanite stone as a trace element for pigs and chicken
3.Studied the nutritive value and anti-nutritional factors of raw and heat treated soybean, field bean and pea for pigs

Research Assistant
CAS-CIAM, China      Jan. 1983 - Dec.1985

Positions: he Director of the Animal Nutrition and Health Center
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