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1.Basic Info
Name: WANG Qing
Title: Research Professor
Department: Lab for Internet Software Technologies
Telephone: 010-62661818
Email: wq(at)itechs.iscas.ac.cn
Home page:
Addr: 4# South Fourth Street, Zhong Guan Cun, Beijing 100190, P.R. CHINA
Zipcode: 100190
2.Research interests:
My research field is software engineering. Major projects are supported by the High-Tech research and development program of China, National natural science foundation of China, and CAS (Chinese Academy of Sciences) knowledge innovation program. Recently, my key research interest is focused on software process technology.
4.Other Positions:
6. Recent Awards:
7.Recent Publications (Selected):
(1) Qing Wang, et al, An Empirical Study on Establishing Quantitative Management Model for Testing Process, ICSP2007, Minneapolis, US, Springer LNCS 4470. p.233, 2007.5.
(2) Da Yang, Barry Boehm, Ye Yang, Qing Wang, and Mingshu Li, Coping with the Cone of Uncertainty: An Empirical Study of the SAIV Process Model , ICSP2007, Minneapolis, US, Springer LNCS 4470. p.37, 2007.5.
(3) Qing Wang, et al, BSR:A Statistic-based Approach for Establishing and Refining Software Process Performance Baseline, ICSE’06, Shanghai.China, pp. 585-594, 2006.5
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