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1.Basic Info
Name: HU Xiaohui
Title: Research Professor
Department: State Key Laboratory of Integrated Information System Technology
Telephone: 010-82626117
Email: hxh@iscas.ac.cn
Home page:
Addr: 4# South Fourth Street, Zhong Guan Cun, Beijing 100190, P.R. CHINA
Zipcode: 100190
2.Research interests:
His main research fields are synthesis information system integration and simulation technology.
(1) System simulation technology includes distributed simulation technology, model recombination technology and scenario creation and management. The application objects are architecture analysis, solution design and research on system effectiveness technology.
(2) Synthesis information system integration includes research on architecture of synthesis information system, information integration, system integration and application integration.
4.Other Positions:
The Member of Integrated Information System Technology for National Professional Group (1996.10-1999.9).
The Member of Integrated Information System Technology for National Professional Group (1999.9-2001.12).
The Member of System SimulationTechnology for National Professional Group (2002.3-now).
The Senator of System Engineering Society of China (1998.8-now).
The Senator of Chinese Association of System Simulation (2002.10-now).
Executive Committeeman of Electronic System Engineering Branch,Chinese Institute of Electronics.
Executive Director of System Engineering Branch, Chinese Software Profession Association.
Appraisal Committeeman of Some National Science and Technology Progress Awards in the 10th 5 Year Program.
6. Recent Awards:
7.Recent Publications (Selected):
1、A Design Method and Implementation Technique for Reusable Simulation Models International Advanced Simulation Technology Conference, San Diego, USA, May 2002
2、A Method of Links Analysis for Communication Satellites Proceedings of SPIE, International Conference on Space Information Technology, Wuhan,China19 Nov. 2005, EI检索号 06109739688
3、Multiresolution Modeling of Open Complex Giant System The 4th International Symposium on Knowledge and Systems Sciences(KSS’03),Guangzhou,China,2003.11