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   TANG Fangqiong
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   010-82543521 010-62554670

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二、近期代表作 1. Zhengtao Deng, Dong Chen, Fangqiong Tang, Xianwei Meng, Jun Ren, Lin Zhang, Orientated attachment assisted self-assembly of Sb2O3 nanorods and nanowires: end-to-end versus side-by-side, Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2007, 111: 5325-5330. 2. Peng Wang, Dong Chen, Fang-Qiong Tang, Preparation of Titania-Coated Polystyrene Particles in Mixed Solvents by Ammonia Catalysis, Langmuir, 2006,22,4832-4835. 3. Zhengtao Deng, Fangqiong Tang, Dong Chen, Xianwei Meng, Li Cao, Bingsuo Zou, A Simple Solution Route to Single-Crystalline Sb2O3 Nanowires with Rectangular Cross Sections, J. Phys. Chem. B, 2006, 110: 18225-18230. 4. YanQi Zhang, LinLin Li, Fangqiong Tang, Jun Ren, Controlled drug delivery system based on magnetic hollow spheres/polyelectrolyte multilayer core-shell structure, Journal of nanoscience and nanotechnology, 2006, 6: 3210-3214. 5. Zhongbing Huang, Yanqi Zhang, Fangqiong Tang, Solution-phase synthesis of single-crystalline magnetic nanowires with high aspect ratio and uniformity, Chem. Commun, 2005, 342–344. 6. Xiangling Ren, Dong Chen, Fangqiong Tang, Shape-controlled synthesis of copper colloids with a simple chemical route, J. Phys. Chem. B, 2005, 109: 15803-15807. 7. Zhengtao Deng, Li Cao, Fangqiong Tang, Bingsuo Zou, A new route to Zinc-blende CdSe nanocrystals: mechanism and synthesis, J. Phys. Chem. B, 2005, 109: 16671-16675. 8. Xiangling Ren, Xianwei Meng, Dong Chen, Fangqiong Tang, Jun Jiao, Using silver nanoparticle to enhance current response of biosensor, Biosensor & Bioelectronics, 2005, 21: 433-437. 9. Xiangling Ren, Xianwei Meng, Fangqiong Tang, Preparation of Ag-Au nanoparticle and its application to glucose biosensor, Sensors and Actuators B, 2005, 110: 358-363. 10.Pang Xuelei, Tang Fangqiong, Morphological control of mesoporous materials using inexpensive silica sources, Microporous and Mesoporous materials, 2005, 85: 1-6.

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