• CAO Chunan
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    Address: Institute of Metal Research Chinese Academy of Sciences (IMR CAS), 72 Wenhua Road,Shenyang,China, 110016


Cao Chunan, male, Han nationality, is a native of JiangSu Province. He graduated from in 1952.

Cao Chunan is a leader in the corrosive electrochemical field in . His work "Principle of Corrosive Electrochemistry" addresses the special laws of corrosive electrochemistry from such aspects as equilibrium thermodynamics, irreversible process thermodynamics, electrode process dynamics of multi-electrode system and multi-reaction coupling system. Cao has studied statistical distribution of the deepest corrosive hole depth and statistical deduction of average density of corrosive active points. He deduced the probability formula and spectrum power density equation of electrochemical noise.

Cao is an expert on corrosion science and electrochemistry.

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Electrochemistry and metal corrosion

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