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  • Title: Detection of Copper Ion with Laser-induced Fluorescence in a Capillary Electrophoresis Microchip
    First author: Yang Meng;Yu Yong;Shen Feng;Karsten Dierks;Fang Weihai;Li Qinglong
    Abstract: A capillary electrophoresis microchip coupled with a confocal laser-induced fluorescence (LIF) detector was successfully constructed for the analysis of trace amounts of heavy metals in environmental sources. A new fluorescence dye, RBPhOH, synthesized from rhodamine B,was utilized in a glass microchip to selectively determine copper with high sensitivity. A series of factors including running buffer concentration, detection voltage, and sample loading time were optimized for maximum LIF detector response and, hence, method sensitivity.
    Contact the author: Yu Yong
    Page number: 43(18):2883-2891
    Authors units:
    PubYear: 2010
    Unit code: 115111
    Publication name: ANALYTICAL LETTERS
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    Departmens of first author: NML
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    Paper type: AK
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    ISSN: 0003-2719