Name of patent China Patent # Application Date Inventor grant date
An Archimede Bridge With Proective Shell 03155848.8 2003-8-25 Hong Youshi 2005-5-4
A flexible boundary loading testing machine used for compressive test of fractured rock-and-soil masses 03272866.2 2003-7-14 Meng Xiangyue 2004-8-25
Liquid sandwich container 03209320.9 2003-9-8 Wang Famin 2004-8-18
An Archimede bridge with protective shell 03209319.5 2003-9-8 Hong Youshi 2004-8-18
Electromagnetism shock-calibration equipment for micro-accelerometer 02291092.1 2002-12-26 Zhang Taihua 2004-7-28
A progressive wave maker in drum centrifuge 03263584.2 2003-6-24 Gao Fuping 2004-7-28
A laser processing system for the texturing roller surface with controllable micro-criters 00128273.5 2000-12-31 Wang Hongcai 2004-6-2
A system for strengthening the surface of hot rolling rolls by frequency pulsed laser and its application 00128272.7 2000-12-14 Peng Linhua、Yangmingjiang 2004-2-14
Large shearing test device for rock-soils 2003201043105 2003-11-10 Li Shihai 2004-12-15
A Plasma-Arc Technology Facility for Hazardous Wastes Treatment 2003201221935 2003-11-28 Sheng Hongzhi 2004-12-15
A Plasma Pyrolysis Furnace with Enhanced Pyrolysis Effect for Organic Wastes 2003201219070 2003-11-14 Sheng Hongzhi 2004-12-1
The pyrolytic reactors and process of manufacturing ethylene by mixed heating of reverse jets 01145130.0 2001-12-30 Yu Hongru 2004-11-3
Steam injector and the method for crude oil transportation 01131239.4 2001-9-4 Zheng Zhichu 2004-11-10
System for direct biomolecule chip preparation and on-line detection 03203892.5 2003-2-17 Wang Zhanhui、Jingang 2004-1-28
Combined system for biomolecule chip preparation and on-line detection 03203889.5 2003-2-17 Wang Zhanhui、Jingang、 2004-1-28
Multiprotein chip and its preparation and application 99119486.1 1999-9-20 Jin Gang 2003-4-8
Protein chip with covalent immobilized biomolecules 02234988.X 2002-5-29 Jin Gang、Wangzhanhui、 2003-3-25
A dynamometry device for static and dynamical pressure in deep water 02295449.X 2002-12-28 Xu Yongjun、Chenli、Liuyubiao etc. 2003-11-6
A construction method for composite foundation of double low concrete and metal net 00123771.3 2000-9-7 Xu Yihong、Changyuhua、Lishihai etc. 2003-10-3
The guided slippage method in blast treatment of silt foundations under water 99122358.6 1999-11-3 Zhang Jianhua 2003-1-9