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Name: Prof. Yihua Chen
Tel: 010-64806121
E-mail: chenyihua@im.ac.cn
Add.: A-626, IM building, NO.1 Beichen West Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing



  Research area 

  Our research lies at the crossroads of bacterial genetics and natural product chemistry, with emphasis on biosynthetic mechanisms of microbial natural products, metabolic pathway engineering and discovery of small molecules through genome mining. 


  Our current researches focus on:  

  (1) Biosynthetic mechanisms of microbial natural products, including anti-infection drugs, agricultural antibiotics and antitumor agents. 

  (2) Mining of specific type of natural products from actinomycetes genomes and develop high-throughput genome mining strategy. 

  (3) Investigation on actinomycetes signal molecules. 

  (4) Synthetic biological investigations on microbial natural products. 



  Thanks the Ministry of Science & Technology of China, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences for their supports to our researches via the following grants 

  (1) 100 talented scientist program, CAS (2013-2015) 

  (2) Researches on Streptothricin biosynthesis, NSFC (2012-2015) 

  (3) Researches on Rubradirin biosynthesis, NSFC (2013-2015) 

  (4) Researches on metabolic mechanism of sisomicin and neomycin co-biosynthesis in Streptomyces sp. GB-2, NSFC (2014-2017) 

  (5) Suitability investigation of synthetic microbial system, MSTC, (2013-2017) 



  Principal investigator 

  Prof. Yihua Chen 

  Address: A-626, IM building, NO.1 Beichen West Road, 

   Chaoyang District, Beijing 

  Personal experience:  

  Dr. Chen was born in a mountain village in Shandong Province, China. He graduated from Nanjing Agricultural University in 1998 and earned his Ph. D. degree in the Institute of Microbiology, CAS in 2005. After five years postdoctoral training in Prof. Ben Shen’s Lab in University of Wisconsin-Madison, he joined the Institute of Microbiology, CAS in 2011. 



  Zhoujie Xie (Ph.D, Associate Professor) 

  Jine Li (Ph.D, Assistant Professor) 

  Zhengyan Guo (Ph.D, Assistant Professor) 

  Min Wang (M.Sc, Research assistant) 

  Postdoctoral Fellows 

  Hua Qin 


  Graduate Students 

  Jianshan Han (Ph. D student) 

  Pengwei Li (Ph. D student) 

  Jun Tian (Ph. D student) 

  Xiangxi Meng (M.Sc student) 

  Wei Tang (M.Sc student) 

  Tingting Hao (M.Sc student) 

  Yong Ding (M.Sc student)  

  Zhenju Cao (M.Sc student) 



  1. Haiyan Chen, Ning Liu, Ying Huang, Yihua Chen. (2014) Isolation of an anthrabenzoxocinone 1.264-C from Streptomyces sp. FXJ1.264 and absolute configuration determination of the anthrabenzoxocinones. Tetrahedron: Asymmetry. 25:113-116. 

  2. Jine Li, Zhengyan Guo, Wei Huang, Xiangxi Meng, Guomin Ai, Gongli Tang and Yihua Chen. (2013) Mining of a streptothricin gene cluster from Streptomyces sp. TP-A0356 genome via heterologous expression. Sci China Life Sci. 56:619-627. 

  3. Yihua Chen, Min Yin, Geoff P. Horsman, and Ben Shen. (2011) Improvement of the Enediyne Antitumor Antibiotic C-1027 Production by Manipulating Its Biosynthetic Pathway Regulation in Streptomyces globisporus. Journal of Natural Products 74:420-424. 

  4. Yihua Chen, Evelyn Wendt-Pienkowski, Jianhua Ju, Shuangjun Lin, Scott R. Rajski, and Ben Shen. (2010) Characterization of FdmV as an amide synthetase for fredericamycin A biosynthesis in Streptomyces griseus ATCC 43944. The Journal of Biological Chemistry 285: 38853-38860. 

  5. Geoff P. Horsman*, Yihua Chen*, Jon S. Thorson, and Ben Shen. (2010) Polyketide synthase chemistry does not direct biosynthetic divergence between 9- and 10-membered enediynes.Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci.USA 107: 11331-11335 (*co-first author) 

  6. Yihua Chen, Min Yin, Geoff P. Horsman, Shengxiong Huang, and Ben Shen. (2010) Manipulation of pathway regulation in Streptomyces globisporus for overproduction of the enediyne antitumor antibiotic C-1027. The Journal of Antibiotics 63: 482-485. 

  7. Yihua Chen*, Keqiang Fan*, Yongzhi He, Xinping Xu, Yanfeng Peng, Tingting Yu, Cuijuan Jia and Keqian Yang. (2010) Characterization of JadH as an FAD- and NAD(P)H-dependent bifunctional hydroxylase/dehydrase involved in jadomycin biosynthesis.ChemBioChem. 11: 1055-1060. (*co-first author) 

  8. Yihua Chen, Micheal J Smanski, and Ben Shen. (2010) Improvement of secondary metabolite production in Streptomyces by manipulating pathway regulation. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 86: 19-25. 

  9. Yihua Chen, Evelyn Wendt-Pienkoski, Scott R. Rajski, and Ben Shen (2009) In vivoinvestigation of the roles of FdmM and FdmM1 in fredericamycin biosynthesis unveiling a new family of oxygenases. The Journal of Biological Chemistry 284: 24735-24743. 

  10. Yihua Chen, Evelyn Wendt-Pienkowski, and Ben Shen (2008) Identification and utility of FdmR1 as a Streptomyces antibiotic regulatory protein activator for fredericamycin production in Streptomyces griseus ATCC 49344 and heterologous hosts. Journal of Bacteriology 190: 5587-5596. 

  11. Yihua Chen, Yinggang Luo, Jianhua Ju, Evelyn Wendt-Pienkowski, Scott R. Rajski, and Ben Shen. (2008) Identification of fredericamycin E from Streptomyces griseus: insights into fredericamycin A biosynthesis highlighting carbaspirocycle formation. Journal of Natural Products 71: 431-437. 


  Postdoctoral Positions 

  Positions for Postdoctoral scholars are available. For application, please contact Prof. Yihua Chen at chenyihua@im.ac.cn 


Research interests:
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