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  • Visiting Scholar
   Bruno Belhoste Science in France and China during the modern time: an institutional comparison;Residence: August 23 -October 31, 2015 
   Tatiana Y. Feklova Phd, CAS PIFI for Visiting Scientists;Place of work:Saint-Petersburg branch Institute of the History of Science and Technology RAN Department of the history Academy of Science;Residence:March 23, 2015~April 30, 2016;Activity:Expeditions of the Russian Academy of sciences and its institutes to the China in 19-th and 20-th centures. 
   Joseph W. Dauben Professor,Place of work:The Graduate Center, CUNY;Residence:March 9, 2015 ~March 15, 2015 ;Activity:Nine Chapters project 
   Marco Ceccarelli Professor,the University of Cassino,January 20,2015,Considerations on Mechanism Designs as Suitable for Cultural Heritage Evaluation 
   Carl Mitcham Professor, Liberal Arts and International Studies at the Colorado School of Mines (January 7,2015-January 10,2015): Plea for Philosophical Reflection on Technology on a Larger Scale