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  • MA Minmin


Name: MA Minmin

Ph.D., Associate Professor 

Departments and research group: The Research Office of the History of Chinese Academy of Sciences; Center of Scientific Studies on Cultural Heritage, Chinese Academy of Science




Lanzhou University, Ph.D. in Environmental Archaeology, 09/2010 ~ 06/2013

Lanzhou University, Master's student without degree in Environmental Archaeology, 09/2008 ~ 06/2010

Lanzhou University, Bachelor of Science in Geography, 09/2004 ~06/2008


Employment History


Assistant Professor of History, IHNS, CAS, 2013.June ~ Pres


Research Interest


My interests include relationship between prehistoric human and environmental change (special Holocene), reconstructing diet using stable isotope, past human sustenance models, adaption strategies and ways of using resources in Neolithic, especially northwestern China.


Selected Publications


1. MA Minmin, Dong Guanghui, Chen Fahu, Meng Xingmin, Wang Zongli, Elston Robert, Li Guoqiang, “Process of paleofloods in Guanting basin, Qinghai Province, China and possible relation to monsoon strength during the mid-Holocene”, Quaternary International, 2012, doi:10.1016/j.quaint.2012.05.031

2. Dong G H, Zhang F Y, Ma Minmin et al. “Ancient landslide-dam events in the Jishi Gorge and its possible effect on disasters in the Guanting Basin in the upper Yellow River valley, China”, Quaternary Research (Accepted).




Address:Institute for the History of Natural Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences,


Beijing, 100190

Email: mamm@ihns.ac.cn

Phone number: 86-10-57552300