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  • ZHENG Shu


Name: ZHENG Shu

Ph.D., Assistant Researcher

Residence: 7, 2012– now

Departments and research group: Department of History of Science and Technology in Pre-Modern China (Pre-Modern Department)




IHNS, CAS, Ph.D. in History of Science, 2009.9~2012. 7


Employment History


IHNS, CAS, Ph.D. in History of Science,2012.7~now


Research Interest/Areas


History of Chinese Alchemy, History of Sino-West medical exchange


Selected Publications


1. Zheng Shu, “Ging-Hsi Wong and Chinese physiopsychology”, Protein & Cell, 2013, 4(8), 563-564

2. Zheng Shu, “Wu Xian: Founder of Chinese Biochemistry and Nutriology”, Protein & Cell, 2012, 3(5), 323-324

3. Zheng Shu, “Why Are Traditional Alchemical Illustrations in Such a Style?: In the context of Sino-Western dialog in Xingming Fajue Mingzhi”, Science & Culture Review, 2011, 8(3), 53-66

4. Zheng Shu, “An Analysis of Joseph Needham's view point on inner alchemy from nature and life”, Science & Culture Review, 2008, 5(1), 107-120


Talks and Presentations


2011,7 The 13th Internationa lConference on the History of Science in East Asia, Present in the topic of When the Circulation System of Inner Alchemy Confronted the Western Body




Address: Institute for the History of Natural Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences,


Beijing, 100190

Email: zhengshu@ihns.ac.cn