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  • HAN Jianping


Name: HAN Jianping

Ph.D., Professor of History, IHNS, CAS

Research Department of Chinese History of Science and Technology




Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Science, Ph.D.in Theory and Methodology of Historical Documentation, 1992-1996

Northwest University, M.A.in History of Chinese Ancient Thought, 1987-1990

Northwest University, B.A. in Archeology of China , 1983-1987


Employment History


Institute of the History of Nature Sciences, Ph.D.in History of Science, 1996-present

Qinhuangdao Local Records Office, M.A.in editor , 1990-1992


Research Interest/Areas


Medical History in Ancient China

History of Chinese Ancient Legal Medicine


Selected Publications



Study of The Ancient Pulsological books Unearthed from the Han tomb at Mawangdui, Beijing: China Social Sciences Press,1999


Book Chapters


Colonial Scientific Institutions During the Japanese Occupation and Puppet Manchukuo Period : History and Literature, Jinan: Shandong Education Publishing House , 2006


Journal Articles


"Drawing Legs for a Snake": The Superfluous Bones in the Qing Dynasty Bone Inspection Diagrams, Science & Culture Review 2011,Vol.8 No.6

Did Lao Tuz and Chuang Tuz Affect the Physical Reserch of Yukawa HidekiScience & Culture Review 2009,Vol.6 No.5

The Legend of a Divine Doctor: Bianque, Science & Culture Review , 2007,vol.4, No5

An Early History of the Jing-Mai Doctrine: Qi, Yin-Yang and Mystic Numbers,2004 Studies in the History of Natural Sciences ,Vol.23, No.4

The Library of Chinese Academy of Sciences Took over the Literature of South Manchurian Railway Company” ,2003 China Historical Materials of Science and Technology ,Vol.24 ,No.1

Unearthed Ancient Pulsological Books and Theory of “three Parts with Nine Palpation Sites” , 1997,China Journal of Medical History Vol.27, No,1



Edward Shorter, A History of Psychiatry: from the Era of the Asylum to the Age of Prozac, Chinese.trans.Jian-Ping Han, Ying-Chong Hu & Yia-Ming Li ,Shanghai:Shanghai Scientific & Technological Education Publishing House , 2007

Yamada Keji, The Origin of Chinese Traditional Medicine, Chinese. trans. Yu-Qun Liao, Jian-Ping Han, & Jian-Ming Li ,Taipei: DonDa publisher Press, 2003


Talks and Presentations


The International Conference on Physicians and Historians in Dialogue : the Transmission and Transformation of Chinese Medical Knowledge , March 9-11,2013,Chian Medical University, Taiwan

Global perspectives on the history of Chinese legal medicine, October 20-23, 2011 , University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA




Address: Institute for the History of Natural Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences,


Beijing, 100190

Email: hanjp@ihns.ac.cn

Phone number: 010-57552541