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  • WANG Yangzong


Name: WANG Yangzong

Research Fellow





Wang Yangzong received his BS in chemistry from Wuhan University in 1985 and M.Sc. in History of Science from the Institute for the History of Natural Science, CAS in 1988. He became a professor at the IHNS/CAS in Dec. 2000. His research focuses on science in 19th and 20th century China. Since 2006 he has been the head of the Department for the History of Chinese Academy of Sciences.


Selected Publications



1John Fryer and the Enlightenment of Modern Science in China, 137pages, Beijing: Science Press, 2000. (in Chinese)

2Chinese Science and Scientific Revolution: Selected Essays on Needham Puzzle and Related ProblemsCo-Editor with Liu Dun, 886pages, Shenyang, 2002. (in Chinese)

3The Introduction of Modern Science into Late 19th and 20th Century China: Selected Works and Documents, 894pages, Jinan, 2009.

4Collected Short Histories of Institutes of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 4vols, Co-Editor with Cao Xiaoye, 2381pages, Beijing, 2010.in Chinese




1The Academician System in China and Its Defect, Science & Culture Review, Vol.2,No.6, 5-22, 2005. ( in Chinese)

2On the Historical Study of Contemporary Chinese Science,The Chinese Journal for the History of Science and TechnologyVol.28,No.4, 376-385, 2007. ( in Chinese)

3Science Conference in 1949-1950: The Beginning of Scientific Undertakings of PRC, Science & Culture Review, Vol.5, No.2,8-36, 2008. ( in Chinese)

4From Experts to Peasants: The Policy and Practice of that Scientists Engaging in Physical Work Before the Cultural Revolution, Science & Culture Review,Vol.6,No.1,33-67, 2009. ( in Chinese)

5The Election of Academic Members and the Establishemnt of the Academic Divisions of Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1950s, in Didided Rule across the Taiwan Straits:Educational Reorganization, Visual Propaganda, and Ethnic Politics, 1945-2000. Edited by Miin-ling Yu, 65-135, Taipei, 2012. (in Chinese)

6The State Council's Investigation and the Institutional Change of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Early 1980s, Bulletin for the History of CAS(院史资料与研究),No.5, 2012, 103-134. ( in Chinese)




Institute for the History of Natural Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences,


Beijing, 100190