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  • YUAN Jiangyang

Name: YUAN Jiangyang

Research Fellow

Ph.D., Professor of History, IHNS, CAS




1995.9-1998.7: Peking University, History and Sociology of Science, Ph.D.

1984.9-1987.7: Wuhan University, Chemistry Department, M.Sc.

1980.9-1984.7: Wuhan University, Chemistry Department, B.Sc.


Research Interest/Areas


History of Western Science

  Newton Study

  Boyle Study

  Study on the Scientific Revolution

  History of Chemistry

Historiography of Science

  History of History-of-Science

  Philosophy of History-of-science

  K⇔M⇔V analysis (K: Scientific Knowledge; M: Metaphysics, Methodology; V: Value) (for instance, natural philosophy ⇔natural theology ⇔ theology)

Philosophy of Science

  The role of experiments in building theories

  Meta-theories on the level of disciplines of science, for instance, atomism vs elementalism in the history of chemistry (Meta-theories consists of the ontological and methodological commitments of scientists on their objects on investigation)

  The refinement process of experimental probe and the arrival of critical experiments

  Scientific changes

Institutionalization of Science

  Society of Science and Technology

  Emergence of Disciplines of Science

  National Sciences

  Transnational Science(EU’s Science)


Selected publications



  1. Reflection on the Institutionalization of the History of Science in China: Writing in the Centenary of ISIS, Science and Culture Review, Vol. 10 (5). 2013. pp. 21-31.

  2. Reshaping the Conception Frame of Scientific Discoveries: Meta-theories, theories and Experiment, Science and Culture Review, Vol. 9 (4). 2012. pp. 56-79.

  3. On the Disciplinary Independence and Autonomy of the History of Science, Science and Society, vol. 2(3). 2011. pp. 41-62.

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  5. A Criticism on Mitutomo Yuasa's Thesis on Center of Scientific Activity and Its Shift, Science and Culture Review, Vol. 3 (2). 2011. pp. 60-75.

  6. The Franklin Institute and the Industrializational Process in the Nineteenth Century Philadelphia, Studies on the History of Natural Science, vol. 27(4). 2008. pp. 39l-417

  7. Newton's Alchemy: A Noble Philosophy? Studies on the History of Natural Science, vol. 23(4). 2008. pp. 283-298.

  8. A Genealogical Interpretation to the "Newton's Revolution" and the Rise of Modern Science, Twenty-first Century, vol. 50(6). 1998. pp. 67-75.

  9. On the Boyle-Newton System of thought: How did Reform of the Natural Philosophy in the 17th Century England occur? Journal of Dialectics of Nature, vol. 17(1). 1995. pp. 43-52.

  10. Reflections on Philosophy of Technology: Community of Technical Scholars and Technological Paraprax, Science and Culture Review. Vol.7(1). 2010. pp. 26-41.(co-author: Wu Yuhei)

  11. Beyond National Sciences: An Analysis of the Operational Mechanism of CERN. Science and Culture Review, Vol. 7 (6). 2010. pp. 44-57. (co-author: Gao Jie)

Books and Tanslations

  1. The Chinese Edition of Robert Boyle's The Sceptical Chymist (as the translator), Wuhan Press, 1993.

  2. The Chinese Edition of Sir Isaac Newton's Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy & System of World (as the corrector), Wuhan Press, 1992.

  3. Jiangyang Yuan, The Web of Ideas: a Biography of Isaac Newton (in Chinese), Fuzhou: Fujian Education Press, 1997.

  4. Jiangyang Yuan, An Analysis on Orientations of Historical writing of Science (in Chinese). Wuhan: Hubei Education Press, 2003.

  5. The Scientific Revolution and the Road of China(in Chinese), edited by Jiangyang Yuan & Zaiqing Fang, Wuhan: Hubei Education Press, 2006.

  6. The Disciplinary History of Chemistry in China. China Science and Technology Press. 2010. (co-editor: Ren Ding-cheng)


Teaching Course


Historiography of Science (for graduate students)

Literature on History of Science (for graduate students)




Institute for the History of Natural Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences,


Beijing, 100190