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Chunxiang HU
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Female, research Professor. Graduated from Biology Department of Northwest Normal University in 1988, obtained her Master’s degree in 1991, and Doctor’s degree in Institute of Hydrobiology, CAS in 1999. 2000-2002 successively as a guest researcher and post-doctor worked in the Pharmacy School of Oslo University, Norway. 

Research Experience:

1988.9-1996.9  Cyanobacterial taxonomy and ecology in Northwest Normal University

1996.9-1999.8  The formation mechanism on biological soil crusts in Tengger Desert in Institute of Hydrobiology, CAS.

2000.4-2001.12  Chemical structure and physical character of algal extracellular polysaccharides in Pharmacy School of Oslo University, Norway.

2002.1-2004.6  Biological activity of algal extracellular polysaccharides and ecophysiology on terrestrial cyanobacteria in Northwest Normal University

2004.7-  Professor of Institute of Hydrobiology, CAS.

Research Directions:

Cyanobacterial and algal physiology and ecology in soil, polluted fresh water and other particular environments

·Cyanobacterial carbon metabolism and extracellular polysaccharides.

·Algal application in the restoration of damaged soil ecosystem and biofuel.

Cyanobacterial and algal  

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Awards & Honors:
Recent Publications:

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