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Title Authors publishing house Year category
The International Encyclopedia of Geography Douglas Richardson,Noel Castree,Michael F. Goodchild,,LIU Weidong wiley 2016
China’s New Urbanization: Developmental Paths、 Blueprints and Patterns FANG Chuanglin,YU danlin,MA Haitao,BAO Chao Science Press Beijing 2016
Applied Studies of Coastal and Marine Environments Maged Marghany InTech Press 2016
Sustainable Urbanization Mustafa Ergen InTech Press 2016
The Geographical Sciences During 1986-2016: From the Classics to the Frontiers LENG Shuying Springer 2016
Digital Soil Mapping Across Paradigms、 Scales and Boundaries ZHANG Ganlin Springer Science & Business Media Singapore 2016
Land Degradation and Desertification-a Global Crisis Abiud Kaswamila InTechOpen 2016
River Morphodynamics and Stream Ecology of the Qinghai–Tibet Plateau WANG Zhaoyin,LI zhiwei,XU Mengzhen,YU Guoan CRC Press 2016
Medical and Health Geography SONG Changqing Springer Singapore 2016
How Chinese Human Geographers Influence Decision Makers&Society FAN Jie The Commercial Press 2016
The Geographical Sciences During 1986-2016:From the Classics to the Frontiers LENG Shuying The Commercial Press 2016
The Geographical Sciences During 1986-2016 LENG Shuying,GAO Xizhang,PEI Tao,ZHANG Guoyou The Commercial Press 、Springer 2016
Landscape and ecosystem diversity、 dynamics and management in the Yellow River Source Zone Gary John Brieley,LI Xilai,Carola Cullum Springer 2016
Population Growth and Rapid Urbanization in the Developing World Umar G. Benna, Shaibu Bala Garba IGI Global 2016
Multifunctional Land Use ‐ A Nexus Solution for Dryland China ZHANG Lulu,Kai Schwarzel Springer International Publishing AG 2016
Handbook on Africa: Challenges and Issues of 22st Century Whitney Sherman Nova Science Publishers 2016
Developments in Environmental Modelling Sven Erik J?rgensen Elsevier 2016
Terrestrial Water Cycle and Climate Change: Natural and Human‐Induced Impacts TANG Qiuhong,Taikan Oki John Wiley and Sons 2016
Hydrologic Remote Sensing: Capacity Building for Sustainability and Resilience Yang Hong CRC Press 2016
The Geographical Transformation of China Michael Dunford,Weidong Liu,Hui Liu, Yansui Liu, Zhigao Liu, Mingxing Chen, Xiaolu Gao,Linxiu Zhang etc. Routledge 2015
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