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Land-use/land-cover change and ecosystem service provision in China Song Wei, Deng Xiangzheng Science of The Total Environment 2017 SCI
Mapping soil particle-size fractions: A comparison of compositional kriging and log-ratio kriging Wang, Z., Shi, W. Journal of Hydrology 2017 SCI
An Outlook on the Biomass Energy Development Out to 2100 in China Zhihui Li, Xiangzheng Deng, Xi Chu etc. Computational Economics 2017 SSCI
Seasonal variation of DOM and associated stoichiometry for freshwater ecosystem in the subtropical watershed: indicating the optimal C:N:P ratio Hao Zhuo Ecological Indicators 2017 SCI
Atmospheric wet deposition of nitrogen in a subtropical watershed in China: characteristics of and impacts on surface water quality Hao Zhuo Environmental Science and Pollution Research 2017 SCI
Economic values and dominant providers of key ecosystem services of wetlands in Beijing, China Biao Zhang, Yun-ting Shi, Jun-hui etc. Ecological Indicators 2017 SCI
Why China’s water pollution problems should matter to the rest of the world. Environment Currell, M.J., Han, D. Science and Policy for Sustainable Development 2017 SCI
Deep challenges for China’s war on water pollution Han, D., Currell, M.J., Cao, G. Environmental Pollution 2016 SCI
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