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Analysis of emergy-based metabolic efficiency and environmental pressure on the local coupling and telecoupling between urbanization and the eco-environment in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei urban agglomeration Fang Chuanglin, Ren Yufei SCIENCE CHINA Earth Sciences 2017 SCI
Plate Waste in School Lunch Programs in Beijing, China Yao Liu, Shengkui Cheng, Xiaojie Liu etc. Sustainability 2016 SCI
The Weight of Unfinished Plate: A Survey Based Characterization of Restaurant Food Waste in Chinese Cities Ling-En Wang, Gang Liu, Xiaojie Liu etc. Waste Management 2017 SCI
Missing Food, Missing Data? A Critical Review of Global Food Losses and Food Waste Data Li Xue, Gang Liu, Julian Parfitt etc. Environmental Science & Technology 2017 SCI
An EcoCity model for regulating urban land cover structure and thermal environment: Taking Beijing as an example Kuang W.H. et al. Science China Earth Sciences 2017 SCI
REE and trace element patterns from organic-rich rocks of the Ediacaran-Cambrian transitional interval Guo Qingjun; Deng Yinan; Hippler Dorothee; Franz Gerhard etc. GONDWANA RESEARCH 2016 SCI
A synthesis of the effect of grazing exclusion on carbon dynamics in grasslands in China Hu ZM; Li SG; Guo Q; Niu SL etc. GLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY 2016 SCI
Aggravated phosphorus limitation on biomass production under increasing N addition: A meta-analysis Li Y; Niu SL; Yu GR GLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY 2016 SCI
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