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Impact of urban park’s tree, grass and waterbody on microclimate in hot summer days: A case study of Olympic Park in Beijing, China Majid Amani-Beni,Biao Zhang,Gao-di Xie,Jie Xu Urban Forestry & Urban Greening 2018 SCI
Robust variogram estimation combined with isometric log-ratio transformation for improved accuracy of soil particle-size fraction mapping Wang Z, Shi WJ Geoderma 2018 SCI
Rainfall statistics, stationarity and climate change Sun, F., M. L. Roderick, & G. D. Farquhar PNAS 2018 SCI
Differential isotopic characteristics of eco-hydrologic processes in a subtropical watershed, China Hao Z, Gao Y*, Sun XM etc. Ecohydrology 2018 SCI
Nitrogen source track and associated isotopic dynamic characteristic in a complex ecosystem: a case study of a subtropical watershed, China Hao Z, Zhang XY, Gao Y etc. Environmental Pollution 2018 SCI
Arsenic characteristics in the terrestrial environment in the vicinity of the Shimen realgar mine, China Yang Fen, Xie Shaowen, Wei Chaoyang etc. Science of the Total Environment 2018 SCI
Arsenic concentrations and speciation in wild birds from an abandoned realgar mine in China Yang Fen, Xie Shaowen, Liu Jinxin etc. Chemosphere 2018 SCI
Continuous estimation of canopy leaf area index (LAI) and clumping index over broadleaf crop fields: An investigation of the PASTIS-57 instrument and smartphone applications Fang, H., Ye Y., Liu, W.etc. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 2018 SCI
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