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Using Monte Carlo Simulation to Improve the Performance of Semivariograms for Choosing the Remote Sensing Imagery Resolution for Natural Resource Surveys: Case Study on Three Counties in East, Central, and West China Juanle Wang, Junxiang Zhu, Xuehua Han International Journal of Geo-Information 2018 SCI
Multiregional Input-Output Analysis of Spatial-Temporal Evolution Driving Force for Carbon Emissions Embodied in Interprovincial Trade and Optimization Policies: Case Study of Northeast Industrial District in China Hao Cheng, Suocheng Dong, Fujia Li etc. Environmental Science & Technology 2018 SCI
Contributions of climate change to the boundary shifts in the farming-pastoral ecotone in northern China since 1970 Shi Wenjiao, Liu Yiting, Shi Xiaoli Agricultural Systems 2018 SCI
Latitudinal patterns and influencing factors of soil humic carbon fractions from tropical to temperate forests XU Li, WANG Chunyan, ZHU Jianxing, etc. Journal of Geographical Sciences 2018 SCI
A New Regionalization Scheme for Effective Ecological Restoration on the Loess Plateau in China Pengfei Chen,Jiali Shang,Budong Qian etc. Remote Sensing 2017 SCI
Spatial econometric analysis on influencing factors of water consumption efficiency in urbanizing China BAO Chao, CHEN Xiaojie Journal of Geographical Science 2017 SCI
Review of and prospects for China’s human and economic geography CHEN Mingxing, LONG Hualou, WANG Chengjin etc. Journal of Geographical Sciences 2017 SCI
A proposal for the theoretical analysis of the interactive coupled effects between urbanization and the eco-environment in mega-urban agglomerations FANG Chuanglin, ZHOU Chenghu, GU Chaolin etc. Journal of Geographical Sciences 2017 SCI
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