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Late Miocene-Pliocene Asian monsoon intensification linked to Antarctic ice-sheet growth Ao, H Ao Hong 2016 444 75-87
New magnetochronology of Late Miocene mammal fauna, NE Tibetan Plateau, China: Mammal migration and paleoenvironments Ao, H Ao Hong 2016 434 220-230
Two centuries temperature variations over subtropical southeast China inferred from Pinus taiwanensis Hayata tree-ring width Interannual variability of average minimum temperatures derived from tree rings in the mid-Qinling Mountains, China, for the past 138 years Cai Qiufang Cai Qiufang,Liu Yu 2016
Recent warming evidence inferred from a tree-ring-based winter-half year minimum temperature reconstruction in northwestern Yichang, South Central China, and its relation to the large-scale circulation anomalies Cai, QF Cai Qiufang,Liu Yu 2016 60 12 1885-1896
Nuclear power: Deployment speed Response Cao, J Hansen, James 2016 354 6316 1113-1113
China-US cooperation to advance nuclear power Cao, JJ Hansen, James 2016 353 6299 547-548
Activation of a Minor Graben and Pull-Apart Basin Just East of Bukadaban during the 2001 Kunlun Earthquake (M-w 7.8) Chang, H Peter Molnar 2016 106 6 2922-2926
Differential responses of ecosystem respiration components to experimental warming in a meadow grassland on the Tibetan Plateau Chen, J Cao Junji 2016 220 21-29
Grazing exclusion reduced soil respiration but increased its temperature sensitivity in a Meadow Grassland on the Tibetan Plateau Chen, J Cao Junji 2016 6 3 675-687
Characterization, mixing state, and evolution of urban single particles in Xi'an (China) during wintertime haze days Chen, Y Cao Junji 2016 573 937-945
CO2 laser enhances the chilling tolerance of wheat seedlings by stimulating NO synthesis Chen, YP Chen Yiping 2016 96 5 796-807
Captive pandas are at risk from environmental toxins Chen, YP Ellison, Aaron M. 2016 14 7 363-367
Authentication of Chinese vintage liquors using bomb-pulse C-14 Cheng, P Cheng Peng,Zhou Weijian 2016 6 38381
What do we know about domestication in eastern Asia? Dodson, J Dodson, John 2016 426 2-9
Mid-late Pleistocene glacial evolution in the Grove Mountains, East Antarctica, constraints from cosmogenic Be-10 surface exposure dating of glacial erratic cobbles Dong, GC Huang, Feixin 2016 145 71-81
I-129 record of nuclear activities in marine sediment core from Jiaozhou Bay in China Fan, YK Hou Xiaolin 2016 154 15-24
Plasmonic Bi/ZnWO4 microspheres with improved photocatalytic activity on no removal under visible light Gao, YX Huang Yu 2016 4 12 6912-6920
Carbonaceous aerosols in megacity Xi'an, China: Implications of thermal/optical protocols comparison Han, YM Han Yongming 2016 132 58-68
Climate and Fuel Controls on North American Paleofires: Smoldering to Flaming in the Late-glacial-Holocene Transition Han, YM Han Yongming 2016 6 20719