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 Hong Tang, Professsor

Biography & Introduction

Hong Tang, PhD, Professor of Molecular Immunology, Director of Center for Infection and Immunology. My group studies immune responses to viral infections (coronavirus, hepatitis viruses), especially how T cells regulate the inflammatory response during the acute phase of infection.

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Selected Publications

Zhao J, Kim KD, Yang X, Auh S, and Fu YX*,Tang*, H. (2008) Hyper innate responses in neonates lead to increased morbidity and mortality after infection. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 105(21):7528-33 (*co-correspondence).

Pan L, Chen S, Weng C, Call G, Zhu D, and Tang, H., Zhang N and Xie T (2007) Stem cell aging is controlled both intrinsically and extrinsically in the drosophila ovary. Cell Stem Cell 1:458-469.

Chen J, Chen L, Wang G, and Tang H. Cholesterol-Dependent and -Independent CD40 Internalization and Signaling Activation in Cardiovascular Endothelial Cells, Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol. 2007, 27(9):2005-13.

Kim KD, Zhao J, Auh S, Yang X, Du P, Tang H, Fu YX. Adaptive immune cells temper initial innate responses, Nat Med, 2007:1248-1252

Qin X and Tang H. Differential regulation of chromatin structure of the murine 3?IgH enhancer and IgG2b germline promoter in response to lipopolysaccharide and CD40 signaling. Mol Immunol, 2006, 43:1211-20.

Weng C, Li Y, Xu D, Shi Y, Tang H (2005) Specific cleavage of Mcl-1 by caspase-3 in TRAIL- induced apoptosis in Jurkat leukemia T cells. J Biol Chem., 280:(11) 10491–10500.

Kang X., Xu Y., Wu X., Liang Y., Wang C., Guo J. Wang Y., Chen M., Wu D., Wang Y., Bi S., Qiu Y., Lu P., Cheng J., Xiao B., Hu L., Gao X., Liu J., Wang Y., Song Y., Zhang L., Suo F., Chen T., Huang Z., Zhao Y., Lu H., Pan C. and Tang H (2005) Proteomic Fingerprints for Potential Application to Early Diagnosis of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. Clin Chem 51(1): 56-64.

Tang H and Sharp PA (1999) Transcriptional regulation of the murine 3' IgH enhancer by Oct-2. Immunity 11, 517-26. 


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