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Jiangyu Mao

Jiangyu Mao
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 9804, Beijing 100029

Education and Professional Experience:


  2001   Ph.D.  Atmospheric Science, Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Beijing 

  1998   M.S.   Atmospheric Science, Peking University, Beijing 

  1988   B.S.   Meteorology, Peking University, Beijing 

Professional Experience

  1/2008present  Professor, Institute of Atmospheric Physics, CAS, Beijing 

  1/200412/2007 Associate Professor, Institute of Atmospheric Physics, CAS, Beijing 

  5/200611/2006  Senior Research Associate, Visiting Scholar, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong 

  2/20031/2004  Senior Research Associate, Visiting Scholar, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong  

  7/20012/2003  Assistant professor, Institute of Atmospheric Physics, CAS, Beijing 

  7/19889/1995  Assistant professor, Nei Monggol Meteorological Bureau, Huhhot, Nei Monggol Autonomous Region  

Atmospheric intraseasonal oscillation, Monsoon Climate Dynamics, Subtropical High Climate Dynamics, ocean-atmosphere interaction, Application of satellite data, and Numerical modeling for Regional Weather and Global Climate



  Mao, J., and G. Wu, 2012: Diurnal variations of summer precipitation over the Asian monsoon region as revealed by TRMM satellite data. Sci China Earth Sci, 55, 554−566 

  Mao, J., J. C. L. Chan, and G. Wu, 2011: Interannual variations of early summer monsoon rainfall over South China under different PDO backgrounds. International Journal of Climatology, 31, 847–862 

  Mao, J., and G. Wu, 2011: Barotropic process contributing to the formation and growth of tropical cyclone Nargis. Advances in Atmospheric Sciences, 28, 483−491 

  Mao, J., Z. Sun, and G. Wu, 2010: 20–50-day oscillation of summer Yangtze rainfall in response to intraseasonal variations in the subtropical high over the western North Pacific and South China Sea. Climate Dynamics, 34, 747–761 

  Mao, J., and G. Wu, 2010: Intraseasonal modulation of tropical cyclogenesis in the western North Pacific: A case study. Theoretical and Applied Climatology, 100, 397–411 

  Mao, J., and G. Wu, 2008: Influences of Typhoon Chanchu on the 2006 South China Sea summer onset. Geophysical Research Letters, 35, L12809, doi:10.1029/2008GL033810 

  Mao, J., and Z. Wang, 2008: Actual tropical waves identified by wavenumber-frequency spectrum analysis during boreal summer. Chinese Physics Letters, 25, 15061509 

  Mao, J., and G. Wu, 2007: Interannual variability in the onset of the summer monsoon over the Eastern Bay of Bengal. Theoretical and Applied Climatology, 89, 155–170 

  Mao, J., and G. Wu, 2006: Intraseasonal variations of the Yangtze rainfall and its related atmospheric circulation features during the 1991 summer. Climate Dynamics, 27, 815–830  

  Mao, J., and G. Wu, 2006: Impacts of anomalies of thermal state over the Qinghai-Xizang Plateau and sea surface temperature on interannual variability of the Asian monsoon seasonal transition. Chinese Journal of Geophysics, 49, 11551164 

Mao, J., and J. C. L. Chan, 2005: Intraseasonal variability of the South China Sea summer monsoon. Journal of Climate, 18, 2388–2402

Community service:


  As a team leader, Prof. Mao had taken charge of several research projects from the Knowledge Innovation Program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the National Natural Science Foundation of China. Currently he serves as a sub-project leader of a 973 project from the National Basic Research Program of China. He is also an editor of Climatic and Environmental Research.